co-host / dj / interviewer

Mister Joshua sees music as a spectrum. With innumerable colors spreading across a rainbow of possibilities, music has always been a multifaceted endeavor for the DJ and writer. No one style paints the picture of Mister Joshua’s tastes completely—his appetite for quality sounds takes him across genres, scenes, parties and people. With careful thought to the needs of a party’s patrons and a bar’s ambiance, Joshua continues to tastefully navigate his way through Chicago’s discerning dance music scene.

What started humbly in college radio more than a decade ago has transformed into a full time obsession that also extends to radio and journalism. Over the years, Joshua has developed a passionate focus on underground dance styles like house, techno, bass, indie dance, disco, soul, Balearic and whatever other adjectives have been ascribed to the current tangents in forward thinking and deep club and lounge sounds. Through his Dialogue Incorporated blog and podcast, his work as a co-host of Abstract Science on WLUW 88.7fm and his endeavors with Time Out Chicago, Elektro and XLR8R magazines—as well as his regular live appearances—he continues to push the envelope of the interesting and the enlightening.