new music: shackleton “freezing opening thawing”

much like listening to his music, waiting for new material from SHACKLETON is a rewarding exercise in patience. originally from lancashire, uk (not too far from manchester), SHACKLETON made his name co-running the SKULL DISCO label and turning out unique dubstep recordings, noted for their meticulous sound design, percussion programming and dread atmosphere.

sometime after the great dubstep explosion, SHACKLETON, like similarly inclined UK artists, migrated to berlin. the move coincides with a more conceptual approach to releases, fully realized in 2012’s electoacoustic “music for the quiet hour” + epic “the drawbar organ” series. SHACKLETON’s latest, “freezing opening thawing” 12″ continues in this more experimental, orchestral direction: the polyrhythmic layers of toms, bells, synths and organs recalling the glory days of both STEVE REICH and ORBITAL.

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