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absci radio [as0987]

abstract science future music radio #as0987

SOULWAX, LUSINE, LEANDRO FRESCO + ACTRESS lead an especially wide ranging edition of the ABSTRACT SCIENCE podcast, hosted this week by MISTER JOSHUA + LUKE STOKES. Starting off the proceedings, MISTER JOSHUA wanders through psychedelic indie sounds from London’s HELIOCENTRICS + SCHOOL OF SEVEN BELLS. Moving into midtempo electronic sounds, we feature the latest from

absci radio [as0986]

abstract science future music chicago radio as0986

A MADE UP SOUND, JOEFARR, THE BUG vs EARTH, + LUSINE are featured new music selections from CHRIS WIDMAN + HENRY SELF, on this week’s techno-centric ABSCI podcast. WIDMAN begins the program with new music: introspective grooves that build to a distorted techno + grime peak, then descend into ambient dub, drone + idm. HENRY

absci radio [as0985]

ITAL TEK, HERBERT, LAURENT GARNIER + BOARDS OF CANADA set the pace for far-reaching installment of ABSTRACT SCIENCE with hosts MISTER JOSHUA + HENRY SELF. Starting things off, MISTER JOSHUA navigates mid-tempo electronic and balearic with cuts from AEROC + MARK BARROTT. The show briefly moves into darker territory with new music from ITAL TEK

absci radio [as0984]

abstract science future music radio chicago #0984

PESSIMIST, TODD TERJE remixed by PRINS THOMAS, LIQUID CITY MOTORS, + JOE GODDARD are featured new music on this week’s house + disco heavy Abstract Science podcast, hosted by CHRIS WIDMAN + HENRY SELF. WIDMAN begins the first hour with a moog-era oddity, followed by a mix of new releases + classics, going from deep