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ghostly international 20 year – absci radio [as1103] – chris widman + joshua p ferguson

ghostly intl 20 year as1103 abstract science future music radio

Celebrating 20 years of GHOSTLY INTERNATIONAL + SPECTRAL SOUND records on the latest ABSTRACT SCIENCE podcast, hosted by CHRIS WIDMAN + JOSHUA P FERGUSON. Ahead of their all-building 20 year celebration at Metro/Smartbar Chicago, CHRIS WIDMAN mixes an hour his favorite releases from the Ann Arbour, Michigan/ New York City based Ghostly International + Spectral

absci radio [as1102] – joshua p. ferguson + luke stokes

abstract science podcast as1102 future music radio chicago

New music selections from THOM YORKE, DAEDELUS, BOARDS OF CANADA + ROSS FROM FRIENDS on this ABSTRACT SCIENCE podcast hosted  by JOSHUA P. FERGUSON + LUKE STOKES. First hour host JOSHUA presses play on a mix of psychedelic dance and nostalgic rave breaks tunes, including recent releases from ROSS FROM FRIENDS, EAST OF OCEANS, ELIPHINO

absci radio [as1101] – whoa-b + henry self

abstract science as1101 podcast future music radio chicago

New music from DJRUM, ALIX PEREZ, OM UNIT + GALCHER LUSTWERK, hosted by WHOA-B aka BILL BEARDEN + HENRY SELF. For the first hour, BILL surveys the latest left-field drum n bass, from neo-hardcore + half-step, to drumfunk + autonomic sounds. HENRY follows with emotive house, electro, space disco + downtempo. [aired 26 September 2019

absci radio [as1100] – chris widman

absci radio as1110 abstract science future music radio chicago

New music from BARKER, SLIKBACK, PROJECT PABLO + SPECIAL REQUEST on this week’s ABSTRACT SCIENCE podcast, mixed by CHRIS WIDMAN. WIDMAN begins the program with head-nodding breakbeat + dubstep sounds, follows with emotive uk garage, house + electro, and closes the last 30 minutes with afro-juke, footwork + jungle. [aired 17 September 2019 on WLUW