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absci radio [as1012]

as1012 abstract science future music chicago radio

ABSTRACT SCIENCE djs recorded live @ Smart Bar + LONE remixing WASHED OUT, ABRA + other new music selected by HENRY SELF on the this week’s ABSCI podcast. the first hour features part of MR JOSHUA + CHRIS WIDMAN’s dj set at the ABSTRACT SCIENCE 20th anniversary celebration at Smart Bar Chicago, which featured UK

marty mars – absci radio [as1011]

as1011 marty mars abstract science future music chicago radio

MARTY MARS guest mix + the latest sounds from BURIAL, FOUR TET + ANDREW WEATHERALL for this week’s abstract science podcast, hosted by MISTER JOSHUA. MISTER JOSHUA goes in for a UK-centric showcase touching on modern house sounds from across the pond, drawing in classic disco and house at first then transitioning to tried-and-true British

absci radio [as1010]

as1010 abstract science future music chicago radio

HODGE, PESSIMIST, JUJU & JORDASH + a tip of the hat to musical heroes PIERRE HENRY + HOLGAR CZUKAY (of CAN) are featured on the latest ABSTRACT SCIENCE podcast, packed with new music + hosted by CHRIS WIDMAN. WIDMAN begins with a rare 1975 cut from CAN in memoriam of the band’s bassist + founding

absci radio [as1009]

as1009 abstract science future music chicago radio

LCD SOUNDSYSTEM, BICEP, MOUNT KIMBIE + TOURIST lead off a new music heavy abstract science podcast hosted by MISTER JOSHUA+ HENRY SELF. With a mix of ambient and krautrock beginnings, MISTER JOSHUA leads off with new music from MOUNT KIMBIE + a tribute to the late great HOLGER CZUKAY of CAN fame. Moving into more