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Latest From the Blog

trentemoller – radio show [as0880]

trentemoller - abstract science radio show #880

TRENTEMOLLER exclusive interview/feature + new music from MAX COOPER, BONOBO, PESHAY + JON HOPKINS on this week’s episode. MR JOSHUA selects spaced out, mellow house sounds to lead into his interview + featurette with danish electronic-pop sensation ANDERS TRENTEMOLLER. TRENTEMOLLER made a name for himself in the mid-oughties with minimal/tech house 12″ releases on germany’s

justin reed – radio show [as0878]

justin reed - abstract science radio show #878

JUSTIN REED guest mix + new music from CLARK, LAKKER + ROBERT HOOD are featured selections for this week’s program. the howling wolves of BEN FROST kick off WIDMAN’s set, an intro to menacing techno from LAKKER + BRITISH MURDER BOYS, before settling into a detroit techno + chicago house groove. the first hour wraps

radio show [as0877]

abstract science future music radio #877

AQUARIAN remixed by THROWING SNOW, THOM YORKE + SHANTI CELESTE are featured new music on this week’s program. HENRY SELF begins a marathon episode with emotive techno selections, before moving into future r&b/vocal cuts (including the new THOM YORKE) + finishing the first hour with DER DRITTE RAUM’s joyous cover of their own “hale bopp”

mark bell tribute – radio show [as0876]

mark bell tribute (rip) abstracts science radio #876

MARK BELL tribute (RIP) from DJ WARP + new music from LAKKER, GRAZE + CHIMPO are featured selections on this week’s program. WIDMAN begins with an extended set of new drumfunk + leftfield drum n’bass, then into dubstep-tempo bass sounds, starting with another UK underground pioneer lost too soon–RIP SPACE APE–and new cuts from LAKKER