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absci radio [as1091] – whoa-b + henry self

abstract science as1091 future music radio chicago

new music from MOODYMANN, KAMIKAZE SPACE PROGRAMME, THOM YORKE + IKONIKA, plus a PHILIPPE ZDAR (RIP) retrospective on this week’s ABSTRACT SCIENCE podcast, hosted by BILL BEARDEN aka WHOA-B + HENRY SELF. BILL traverses the latest bass music for the first hour, shifting tempos through UK techno/breakbeat, dubstep/grime + footwork/dnb. For the second hour, HENRY

absci radio [as1090] – chris widman + luke stokes

abstract science as1090 future music radio

KONX-AM-PAX, CIEL, STENNY + PLAID are featured new music on the latest ABSTRACT SCIENCE podcast, hosted by CHRIS WIDMAN + LUKE STOKES. For the first hour, WIDMAN quickly ramps up from a dub-wise intro into a mix of breakbeat, neo-rave + epic techno, winding down with the new SCORN + the distorted indie-electronica of BLANCK

absci radio [as1088] – joshua p. ferguson + henry self – flying lotus special

as1088 flying lotus special abstract science future music radio

FLYING LOTUS special + new music from JAI PAUL, MALA + FENNESZ on this episode of the ABSTRACT SCIENCE podcast with hosts JOSHUA P. FERGUSON + HENRY SELF. JOSHUA goes all in a bass and beats forward set centered on the new FLYLO LP and surveying his music and that of his likeminded contemporaries. HENRY

absci radio [as1087] – chris widman

abstract science as1087 future music radio

JK FLESH aka JUSTIN K BROADRICK (remixed by THE BUG), CUYO, LIQUID CITY MOTORS, FANU + ASC, are featured new music selections on this ABSTRACT SCIENCE podcast, mixed by CHRIS WIDMAN. For the first hour, WIDMAN moves between techno, electro + breakbeat selections, while gradually increasing the tempo. The second hour begins with a half-time