CHACHI GUERRERO guest mix + music from ASYLUM DUBS, SLIKBACK, D. STRANGE, FARSIGHT + NADIA STRUIWIGH on this ABSTRACT SCIENCE podcast, hosted by CHRIS WIDMAN. BLESS THIS MESS co-founder CHACHI GUERRERO begins the program with a guest DJ mix recorded live last summer at JACE INMAN’s YARD JAMZ patio session. The ebullient + bouncy mix of breakbeat, electro, techno + acid showcases why CHACHI has become one of Chicago’s favorite DJs. WIDMAN follows with a mix of 2 step, broken beat + experimental bass sounds. [aired 09 November 2023 on WLUW-Chicago 88.7FM]

DJ set recorded live at YARD JAMZ (June 2023)

Asylum Dubs “Think About” (Asylum Dubs, 2023)
Double Screen + Sharpson “Kojima” (Choki Biki, 2023)
Skee Mask & MJK “Patchwork pt. 1” (Patchworks vol.1, Obligated, 2023)
D. Strange “Eros” (La Chasse, Dark Heaven, 2023)
9HØS7 “PØ2YM3751C” (8L4CKHØ23, ARA 2023)
Stenny “Quadra” (Ilian Tape, 2023)
D3U5E & Gav “Went Back” (Origin Unknown, Of Paradise, 2023)
Slikback “INHALE “ (H I K A R I, 2023)
The Bug “Skullcrusher (Relentless Catastrophic Implosion)” (Machine IV, Pressure, 2023)
EPROM “Trust (Original Mix)” (Trust, 1985 Music, 2023)
Andrea ”Audieze” (Due In Color, Ilian Tape, 2023)
Overlook “Detour” (Droogs, 2023)
Farsight “Sorted “ (El Mago EP, Scuffed, 2023)
Landstrumm “Luvya” (Stupid Prizes, Swamp 81, 2023)
Nadia Struiwigh “End of the Tunnel” (Birds of Paradise, Dekmantel, 2023)
Purelink “We Should Keep Going” (Signs, Peak Oil, 2023)