JS ALVAREZ (RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT) guest mix + new music from IKONIKA, HØST + LOKUA on this ABSTRACT SCIENCE podcast, hosted by CHRIS WIDMAN. For the first hour, the JS ALVAREZ guest mix begins with deep, dubwise percussive selections, and gradually becomes more dancefloor oriented, touching on elements of techno, Chicago house, synth disco + even a bit of new wave. WIDMAN continues into hour two in an uptempo dancefloor vein—techno, electro + breakbeat—followed by a decent into futuristic dancehall + experimental bass grooves.

JS ALVAREZ is a Chicago DJ and founder of the Research & Development, a music series at Smartbar Chicago that has excelled at integrating new sounds, talents + audiences—in both the form of live performances + DJ sets—into the traditional club environment. Displaced by the pandemic to virtual spaces, they have launched a mix series + regular streaming events on twitch.com, recently celebrating 3 years with a marathon 12 hour session. [aired 27 August 2020 on WLUW 88.7FM Chicago]

Cyclopean – Apostles
Plentev – Thrown Furniture (Ploy remix)
Samo DJ – Tai Po Kau
Shackleton – Death Is Not Final
Karenn – Cloy
Yor Kultura – Nomads
Fade To Black – In Synch
Kendal – Giallo Inferno
Club Music – Industrial Beam
IBM – Body Parts
TodoTodo – Autogas
Fantastic Man – Snake Charmer
Mia Dora – Un.Sub
Luca Lozano & Mr. Ho – Hot Trak
Vicious Pink – CCCan’t You See (French Extended Mix)

Gez Varley “Le Soleil” (Bayou Paradis, Force Inc., 2001)
Ikonika “Your Body” (Bodies, Don’t Be Afraid, 2020)
Djoser “Alumen” (Secret Greeting EP, 3024, 2020)
Lone x KETTAMA “The Way You Feel” (R&S, 2020)
Mark Archer “What’s The Name” (Frndzne, 2020)
Lokua “Blackbird” (Fourteen, 2020)
Clap! Clap! “Moving On (feat. Martha Da’ro)” (Liquid Portraits, Black Acre, 2020)
Mr. Mitch “I’ll be 20 when I’m 40” (Patrimony, 2020)
autechre “rew(1)” (move of ten, Warp, 2010)
JK FLESH ”Armour Of Faith” (Knights Of The Black Table, Daymare, 2019)
HØST “3D PASSIVE “ (SURVIVE, Hoversound, 2020)
Thoom “حركت السكوت (No Speech)” (Blood and Sand, Club Chai, 2017)
Happa “One Three Five” (Blue 07, 2020)
The Maghreban “Eddies (Batu Remix)” (R&S, 2018)