Special guest mix from m50 + new music from MR MITCH, NIGHTWAVE + PHILLIP D KICK on this ABSTRACT SCIENCE podcast, hosted by CHRIS WIDMAN. Long-time listeners may remember m50 guest hosting ABSCI back in the 2000s + WIDMAN appearing on m50’s long-running ETC. RADIO program on WNUR 89.3FM’s STREETBEAT. Since then, the veteran Chicago DJ’s numerous productions as AREA and critically acclaimed KIMOCHI SOUND + TESUJI labels, have propelled m50 to regular gigs in Europe and Asia. With his guest mix, m50 channels ABSCI vibes—bass music, breakbeat, jazz, acid + electro—through a techno framework. WIDMAN keeps to similar sounds for the first part of hour 2, moving into left-field footwork/dnn + downtempo for the second part, ending with a tribute to the late ROOTS MC MALIK B (RIP). [aired 06 August 2020 on WLUW 88.7FM Chicago]

Laurel Halo “Situation” (Honest Jons, 2015)
Special Request “Lolita (Warehouse Mix)” (Special Request, 2012)
Speedy J & Literon “Knicker” (Novamute, 2004)
Anunaku “Temples” (Whities, 2019)
Four Tet “Love Salad” (Text, 2020)
Rocketnumbernine & Four Tet “Metropolis” (Text, 2013)
Scott Grooves “Dark Blu” (Natural Midi, 2008)
Omar S “This Muthafuk’ka” (FXHE, 2014)
Scott Grooves “D.N.A.” (Natural Midi, 2008)
Omar S “Ganymede” (FXHE, 2011)
DJ Stingray “Silicone Romance” (WeMe, 2007)
Speedy J “Ginger” (Plus 8, 1993)
ERP “Repose” (Semantica, 2020)
DJ Stingray “Hypoalgesia” (Presto, 2016)

Mr. Mitch “Stinky Leg” (Patrimony, 2020)
Luke Vibert “pHoam” (Frendzone, 2020)
Ilana Bryne “Give Me Strength” (VA – No Justice No Peace, 2020)
Nightwave “Nagual Power” (Inner Peace, Balkan Recordings, 2020)
Boo Williams “Flashback” (Lost of Time, Relief Records, 1995)
Lokua “Bubbly” (Upswing, 2020)
Hodge “Lanes” (Shadows In Blue, Houndstooth, 2020)
Dreamlogicc “Silkworks” (Longform, Peak Time Dance Music, 2020)
AceMo “Emergency Sequence” (SYSTEM OVERRIDE, 2020)
Phillip D Kick “Funk 160” (As We Continue, 2020)
PAN-AL “It’s Rigged” (Pan-Al, 2019)
Max Cooper, Tom Hodge feat. Kathrin deBoer “Trust” (Emergence, Mesh, 2016)
Andrea Parker “Breaking The Code” (Kiss My Arp, Mo Wax, 1998)
Dan Curtin “Wandering Way (Reprise)” (The Waters of Mars EP, 2016)
DJ Krush feat. Black Thought & Malik B “Meiso (DJ Shadow Klub Mix)” (Mo Wax, 1996)