JEFF PIETRO guest mix + new music from LUKE VIBERT, HAPPA + CHANTS on this week’s ABSTRACT SCIENCE podcast, hosted by CHRIS WIDMAN. JEFF PIETRO is one of our favorite chicago djs + a long-time friend of the show, who last made an appearance on the program in 2017. PIETRO takes a broad view of techno for the first hour, incorporating broken UK influences, breakbeats + uncompromising 4/floor speaker busters. WIDMAN follows PIETRO in a similar direction, but with a bit more rave/’ardcore flair, before winding the program down with experimental cuts. [aired 03 may 2018 on WLUW-Chicago 88.7fm]

#.4.26. - Mono Middle - MDR
Stenny - Fortress - Ilian Tape
Pinch - AHH FFF SSS - 81
Lanark Artefax - Touch Absence (Intimidating Stillness Mix) - Whities
Ryan James Ford - Beltline - SHUT
Shed - Call 32075! - Monkeytown
Pessimist - Peter Hitchens - Blackest Ever Black
Domenico Crisci - Your Scent - Opal Tapes
Makaton - We Believe - Blueprint
Sleeparchive - Letter Of Resignation - Float Records
Svreca & Voices From The Lake - Between The Lines - Spazio Disponibile
M.Rav - M.Ravitz (2) - L.I.E.S.
Kangding Ray - Rubi - Stroboscopic Artefacts
Phylyps Trak - Axis - Basic Channel
Surgeon - Return - Tresor
Sigha - Interior - Token
Mike Dearborn - Chaotic State - Djax
JTC - Veronja One - Bopside

Roly Porter “Without Form” (In Death's Dream Kingdom, Houndstooth, 2018)
ASC “Last Known Coordinates” (Point of Origin, Horo, 2017)
Robert Hood “Red Machine” (Paradygm Shift - Volume 3, Dekmantel, 2018)
FaltyDL “Big Room” (Three Rooms EP, Hypercolour, 2018)
Textasy	“Blow Your Head” (Dallas Gun Club EP, Craigie Knowes, 2018)
Link & E621 “Antacid (Jedi Knights Remix)” (Warp Records/Evolution, 1995)
Happa “Clouds (Sax)” (PT3.2, PT/5 Records, 2018)
Stephanie Merchak “Zweishcenspeil” (Eine Frage, D.M.T. Records, 2018)
Luke Vibert “BM” (Turn, People of Rhythm, 2018)
Chants “Madh Madh” (Carious Motion, Astral Plane Recordings, 2018)
DJRum “Showreel, Pt. 2” (Broken Glass Arch, R&S Records, 2018)
Venetian Snares “Someone Painted A Giant Paperclip On The Sidewalk Right Where You Fell”
(She Began To Cry Tears Of Blood Which Became Little Brick Houses When They Hit The Ground, 2018)
Phon.o ”Leaving Khidi” (Slow As Fog, 2018)

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