JEFF PIETRO guest mix + midwest selections from OLIN, .noncompliant., ZACH LUBIN, NIGHT OWL DINER, CLOSE UP OF THE SERENE + more, hosted by CHRIS WIDMAN. WIDMAN begins a techno-heavy program with a 50/50 split of 2016 carry-overs (aka releases from december that didn’t quite get their due) + midwest-related artists/labels: from chicago, OLIN on his own BOUNDARY MOVEMENT label, ZACH LUBIN on his OBVIO RECORDS, dnb titan STUNNA in house mode on the new AERONAUTIC RECORDS imprint, + CHRISSY‘s THE NIGHT OWL DINER posthumous NACKT release; indianapolis’s DJ SHIVA (check out her 2014 ABSCI guest mix here) as .noncompliant. on the long-running DETROIT UNDERGROUND label; + milwaukee’s LIQUID CITY MOTORS on CLOSE UP OF THE SERENE.

special guest JEFF PIETRO contributes a mostly techno mix–at times hypnotic + others driving, while touching on elements of breakbeat hardcore, industrial + electro–for the second hour. PIETRO is a veteran chicago selector + previous ABSCI guest. his latest release is a remix of frequent collaborator ISRAEL VINES’ new project on EYE TEETH records, a sublabel of detroit’s seminal INTERDIMENSIONAL TRANSMISSIONS imprint. VINES + PIETRO’s series of excellent releases on BORROWED LANGUAGE have also been featured on ABSCI over the years. [aired 19 january 2017 on WLUW 88.7fm chicago]

Rrose “Arc Unknown” (Arc Unknown, Infrastructure 2016)
Olin “Foist” (Boundary Movement, 2016)
Conforce “Reverse” (North to South - Part 2, CPU Recordings 2016)
Zach Lubin “Compiler” (Dispense With Tactics, Obvio Records 2017)
.noncompliant. “Nolite Te Bastardes Carborundorum” (Airless Spaces EP, Detroit Underground, 2016
Pixelord “Heart.beat” (Heka-Trax, 2016)
Shalt “Resistant “ (Inertia, Astral Plane, 2016)
Liquid City Motors “Funktional Mathematiks” (Untitled 2 EP, Close Up of the Serene, 2016)
Nathan Fake “Now We Know” (Ninja Tune, 2016)
Nackt & CM-4 “Ocean View” (Night System, Night Owl Diner, 2017)
Stunna “String Me Along” (Aeronautic Vol. 1, Aeronautic Records, 2016) 	
Doms & Deykers “Striker” (Evidence From A Good Source, 3024, 2016)
Plaid “Tokyo Drive” (Heaven’s Door OST, Beat Records 2010)

Parallel 9 - Magnetic Reversal - Music Man
Donor - Confine - Stroboscopic Artefacts
Sciahri - Atonement - Ilian Tape
Acronym - They Spoke To Me - Semantica
Mike Parker - B2 - Geophone 17
Ryan James Ford - Kirra Rengo - SHUT
Abelde - B1 - Surface 009
Ulwhednar - Dömd Till Elden - Northern Electronics
Stallion - #3
The Mover - Worship The End - Tresor
Rob Alcock - Traces (Fumiya Tanaka Remix) - Continual
Steve Bicknell - B2 - Lost Recordings #9
Robert Görl - Psychoring - Disko B
Marco Zenker - Geezin - Ilian Tape
Demdike Stare - Airborne Latency - Modern Love
O/V/R - Metal Slipper - Blueprint
Insync vs. Mysteron - Landing Sight - 10th Planet
The KVB - I Only See The Lights (Shifted Version) - Cititrax
Ruxpin - Monoliths - Uni:form Recordings
Stanislav Tolkachev - Vot I Vse - Mord

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