ALEJANDRO MARENCO guest mix + new music from CAIV, JDOTBALANCE, JOY ORBISON, JLIN + more, on this ABSTRACT SCIENCE podcast, hosted by CHRIS WIDMAN. Nicaraguan-born, Chicago-based musician ALEJANDRO MARENCO begins the program with a dubwise + spacious DJ set of techno-dancehall, electro-latin + african-inspired grooves. WIDMAN follows with a frenetic + varied mix of experimental bass sounds. [aired 08 February 2024 on WLUW-Chicago 88.7FM]

Kincaid – Nothing Is
D.K. – Echo Chamber
Syz – Du Rong (Troy Gunner Remix)
Cousin – Second Message
Will Hofbauer – Stickers
Goiz – Mid Pack
Pugilist – Static
Marta Supernova – Tá Foda Essa Bocada (Dub)
Ultima Esuna – Frondoso
Siu Mata – Vaalbara
DJ Plead – SW
Roy Mills – Aquatiqué
Alejandro Marenco – Gusano
Reptant – Snitches Get Glitches
Toma Kami – Amapicante
Linquency – The Squirrel U Rode In On
Jonny From Space – Positive Results w/ Nick León

Wordcolour “Mallets” (Ratios II, Houndstooth, 2023)
Hodge “Fussyhead” (Voice Crash, Timedance, 2023)
9HØS7 “F5ØM4_P4S7” (8L4CKHØ23, ARA, 2023)
JK Flesh “PI11.1′ (PI11, PI Electronics, 2023)
Disrupt “Proper Tings” (Jahtari Music, 2024)
Kromestar “The Progress (Pt. 2 (Dune))” (Nebula Music Group, 2024)
Babau + Rizal Mahfud “Magma Mingling” (Paradisia Vol.10, 2023)
CAIV “Ötzi 2.0” (Dwellers, Tresor, 2023)
HomeSick “Angel” (1000dB Stare, Exit, 2024)
Peverelist “Pulse VII” (Pulse Modulation E.P, Livity Sound, 2023)
Three Hands of Doom “Ring Dirt” (Three Hands of Doom, Nyege Nyege Tapes, 2024)
Jdotbalance “late” (Verdant, Slink 2024)
Joy Orbison “flight fm” (Hinge Finger/XL, 2024)
Skee Mask + MJK + Riko Dan “One By One” (Obligated, 2023)
Drumskull “Scrolling Shooter” (Hooversound, 2024)
Jlin featuring Philip Glass “The Precision Of Infinity” (Akoma), Planet Mu, 2024)