HANK SHOCKLEE (BOMB SQUAD/PUBLIC ENEMY) interview/feature + new music from JLIN, JAMIE XX + ALTERED TAPES on this week’s program. MR JOSHUA begins with music featuring the classic ROLAND TR-808 drum machine, which is the subject of a new documentary premiering at CIMMFEST. in town for a q&a session following the screening, legendary hip hop producer HANK SHOCKLEE (member of THE BOMB SQUAD + producer of PUBLIC ENEMY, ICE CUBE + BEL BIV DEVOE) joined us in the studio to talk about the 808, sampling and the effect of new technology on culture, as well as share a number of his productions. LUKE STOKES is back for the second hour, with a load of new tracks from DORIAN CONCEPT, BIOSPHERE + FORT ROMEO. [originally aired 16 april 2015 on WLUW 88.7fm chicago]

JLIN "Unknown Tounges" — Dark Energy — Planet Mu
Mono/Poly "Alpha & Omega" — Golden Skies — Brainfeeder
Kinlaw "New Palms" — New Palms — RAMP
De La Soul "Breakadawn" (Altered Tapes rework) — Altered Tapes

— Interview with Hank Shocklee
Public Enemy "Brothers Gonna Work It Out (dub) — Fear of a Black Planet — Def Jam
Public Enemy "Welcome to the Terrordome" (Instrumental) — Fear of a Black Planet — Def Jam
Public Enemy "Revolutionary Generation" (Instrumental) — Fear of a Black Planet — Def Jam
Hank Shocklee "Gangsta Converted" 
Hank Shocklee "Built in Brooklyn (Public Enemies)"
— Interview with Hank Shocklee continues

Cybotron "Clear" — Fantasy
A Guy Called Gerald "Voodoo Ray" — Warlock
Kool DJ Dust "The Quest" — The Disco Opera — Service Sweden
DJ Food "Dark Lady" (808 State remix) — Ninja Tune XX — Ninja Tune
Jamie xx "Gosh" — In Colour — Young Turks
Jani R "Two Sides" (Pause remix) — Concealed EP — Plexus

Dorian Concept - Ann River (Bibio Remix) - Joined Ends Remix EP - Ninja Tune 
Biosphere & Deathprod - Space is Fizzy - Stator - Touch   
Vessels - Glass Lake - Dilate - Bias  
Andy Stott - How it Was - Faith in strangers - modernlove  
Crisopa - Reversible Epiphany - A Luck Dream Kit -  n5md  
MIchna - Death pits of Rath - Thousand Thursday - Ghostly International   
Zero 7 - 400 blows (John Wizards Remix) EP3 - Kobalt  
Fort Romeau - Lately - Insides - Ghostly International   
Dfalt - Total Recall - Blackbook EP -  Plug Research     
Horace Silver - Que Pasa (Trio Version) - Song for My Father - Blue Note 
Kammerflimmer Kollektiv - Zurück zum Beton (Version) - Désarroi - Staubgold 
Porticio - 101 feat joe Newman - Living fields - counter/ninja tune

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