STEVE NOAH guest mix + new music from DIRTY GLASSEZ, WORDCOLOUR, D3U5E + GAV, JDOTBALANCE + more, on this ABSTRACT SCIENCE podcast, hosted by CHRIS WIDMAN. Special guest STEVE NOAH begins the program with a live mix recorded at PODLASIE CLUB, opening up his NIGHT LOGISTICS event with dubwise + bass-music derived techno + house, accented with electro, breakbeat + 2 step sounds. STEVE NOAH is an involved Chicago DJ/producer, who puts on events as part of the NIGHT LOGISTICS crew with previous guest JACE INMAN, helps run the ISSA PARTY label with DJ PLEASE + keeps clubland Chicago informed as the city manager for Resident Advisor. WIDMAN follows with epic breaks, uk garage + club, before transitioning into melodic + broken techno, finally closing out with electroacoustic + post-rock sounds. [aired 19 October 2023 on WLUW-Chicago 88.7FM]
2lanes “I Remember (i-75 dubbin mix)
Dj Technics “Clair (Take Two)”
DKMA “Can You Compete”
Sami “Marty & Jack”
Brenner “Dont Be Scared”
DKMA “Trifling”
Gemini “Freefall”
Efdemin “Sequence 100 (DJ Skull Remix)”
Vorm in Geluid “Vorm in Geluid”
DKMA “Something About You”
Ryan Berkeley “Wise Groove”
Skudge “97”
Meat Katie “Candyman (Son of Slough Remix)”
Boy Berger “Nexus Fusion”
Entrañas “Distraido”
Africaine 808 “Zombie Jamboree”
Boddika “Warehouse”

Luke Vibert “Marvellous Music Machine” (We Hear You, Planet Mu, 2009)
Mani Festo “Side Hustle” (Dance Trax, Vol. 57, 2023)
Hudson Mohawke & Nikki Nair feat. Tayla Park “Set The Roof” (Warp, 2023)
Mister Wallace & Chrissy “It’s Time To Dance” (Maximum Airtime, 2023)
ABSOLUTE. “In My Mind” (Is It Raining In Berlin?, Shall Not Fade, 2023)
Wordcolour “Fundamentals” (Ratios II, Houndstooth, 2023)
Red Rooms “Joy Ride” (Planet Rhythm, 2023)
Jules Becker “Dasht” (Turning, All Centre, 2023)
D3U5E & Gav “Namer” (Origin Unknown, Of Paradise, 2023)
Ireen Amnes “Our Bodies” (Synergy, Tresor, 2023)
Jdotbalance “Precipitate” (Sublimate, ESP Institute, 2023)
Nadia Struiwigh “02nd” (Birds of Paradise, Dekmantel, 2023)
Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe “Daylight” (Grasshopper Repulic Score, Invada, 2023)
Ui “Drive Towards The Smoke” (Sidelong, Southern, 1995)