J.COPES guest mix + new music from WAV FUZZ, ANDY CASTRO + JACE INMAN, NATE MANIC, STEVE NOAH + PLEASE, PURELINK + more on this ABSTRACT SCIENCE podcast, hosted by CHRIS WIDMAN. Chicago DJ + impresario J.COPES begins the program with a mix, recorded live at PODLASIE CLUB closing out the debut edition of RAW CODE (with CYGNUS), featuring an appropriate selection of high-energy electro, breakbeat, acid + braindance. J.COPES is one of the minds behind the current transformation of PODLASIE CLUB into Chicago’s most innovative nightlife space. When not running in and out of PODLASIE, you can find him DJing across the city + behind the counter at Gramaphone Records. Widman follows with a Chicago-related mix, featuring music from current & former Chicago artists + labels, which moves from techno to electro, finally closing with chill out cuts. [aired 08 June 2023 on WLUW-Chicago 88.7FM]

Clark “Penultimate Persian” (Turning Dragon)
Ascot/Ww “Alien Vision” (Tone Dropout Vol. 8)
Black Noi$e “Pandemic” (Illusions)
Dans Mon Salon “Seabed (Electro)” (Seabed)
DAWL “Nebulon DAWL” (Tone DropOut Vol 7)
Bluetoof “Alakazam” (Alakazam Ep)
Kodiak “Spreo Superbus” (Spreo Superbus)
Marc Brauner & Tender Games “Concrete Jungle” (Concrete Jungle)
Dream Phases (Leisure Records)
Bambounou “Temple” (electronicfresh.com)
Mystic Bill “Obzession (Blue Mix)” (Obzession)
Ceephax Acid Crew “Life Funk” (Ceephax Acid Crew, United Acid Emirate)
O’ Flynn “Pluto’s Beating Heart” (Pluto’s Beating Heart)
Autechre “Doctrine” (Incunabula)
Autechre “Oval Moon (IBC Mix)” (Warp20 (Unheard))
Tania Maria “Come With Me”

Wav Fuzz “Somatosensation” (Sensing, Lizard Label, 2023)
Lokua “Calesthenics” (2207, 2022)
Andy Castro & Jace Inman “Stepping” (Rest Less, 2023)
Nate Manic “Crazy (Groovy Acid Mix)” (Acidic, Quaint But Extra, 2023)
Steve Noah & Please “Hell Track” (Astral Plane Trax, Issa Party, 2023)
Frankie Vega “To The Bone” (Chicago Jaxxx 10 Year Anniversary, 2023)
Zachary Lubin “Protocypher 04” (Modularz 64 – Protocypher, 2022)
Chrissy “Mary Kate & Acid” (Art Throb, Permanent Vacation, 2022)
Sard “L-Type” (Life on Ryugu, PPRZ)
Richard Holhburn “deepcreep” (Sidereal Suite, Perimeter Junk, 2022)
ike release “Vagabond Saga” (Color Space (2010-2011), 2022)
Purelink “Earth To” (To / Deep, 2023)
VisFX “Hand Slipped” (To Oblivion, Blorpus Editions, 2023)
Telefon Tel Aviv “The Birds” (Immolate Yourself, BPitch Control, 2009)