MILLIA guest mix + new music from BIG KANI, WALTON, WATCH THE RIDE w/ NIA ARCHIVES + more, on this ABSTRACT SCIENCE podcast, hosted by CHRIS WIDMAN. Chicago DJ/producer MILLIA, aka MILLIA RAGE + member of PURELINK, begins the program with a spacious + percussive guest mix that builds from dub into broken beats, dancehall techno + slo mo breaks. WIDMAN follows with a driving set of 2 step, bassline, breakbeat, techno, drum n bass + jungle. [aired 02 June 2022 on WLUW-Chicago 88.7FM]

Asusu – Too Much Time Has Passed (Dresvn Remix)
Amandra – Kapsalon
Konduku – Kenar
Forest Drive West – Phosphenes
Pev – Aztec Chant (Tessela Remix)
Cop Envy – Kay
Kowton – More Games (MM/KM More Names Remix)
Awo Ojiji – Laura’s Lodge
Cop Envy – Junk Bass
Laksa – It Feels Like I’ve Been Here Before

Big Kani “Threshold” (Error EP, Swap81, 2022)
Main Phase “Pull Up Tool” (Time Is Now Allstars, Vol.3, Shall Not Fade, 2022)
Tuff Culture “Eyesight” (Eyesight, GS Dubs, 2022)
Killjoy “Bourbon” (Time Is Now White, Vol. 16, 2022)
Paradox “Drum Throne” (Paradox Music, 2022)
Krust “Constructive Ambiguity (Hodge Remix)” (The Edge Of Everything – Remixed, Crosstown Rebels, 2021)
Walton “Rush” (Rush, Snearker Social Club, 2022)
Fraxinus “Interlock” (Powerplant Blue, 2022)
Skee Mask “A14 vs CB” (Ilian Tapes, 2022)
Shanti Celeste “Amiga” (In Order To Care, R&S, 2021)
Chrissy “Bust-Free Guaranteed” (Hooversound, PHYSICAL RELEASE, 2021)
Batu “Even Here” (Opal, Timedance, 2022)
Objectiv and Lupo “Dangun” (Decisions EP, Metalheadz, 2022)
Watch the Ride & Nia Archives “Mash up the Dance” (RinseFM/Bad Music Ltd, 2022)
Tim Reaper “Bulletproof” (Hardcore & Rubble, Sneaker Social Club, 2022)