CID IKARUS guest mix + new music from MARTYN, PRAYER, FOREST DRIVE WEST + SYNKRO/AROVANE on the latest ABSTRACT SCIENCE podcast, hosted by CHRIS WIDMAN. WIDMAN begins the program with 30 minutes of new releases influenced by UK garage + a bit of electro. Chicago’s CID IKARUS takes over with an hour-long percussive, bass-heavy mix, touching on Gqom, UK funky/club + grime. CID IKARUS runs EUTOPIA, a multicultural multimedia platform that works with people-of-color, queer, female & non-binary artists, with a quarterly event series + radio show on Qeu4 Radio. WIDMAN then closes out the show with a 30 minute bookend mix of jungle/drum n’ bass. [aired 12 july 2018 on WLUW 88.7fm Chicago]

Diptera “Silver” (001 [Antenna], Mana, 2018)
Afriqua “Noumenon” (Vice / Principle, R&S Records, 2018)
Martyn “Manchester (Voids, Ostgut Ton, 2018)
LMajor “Danger (Ténèbre Remix)” (Dig the New Breed, Pt. 1, WNCL Recordings, 2018)
Kamikaze Space Programme “Half Life A” (Void Coefficient EP, Mord 2018)
Lake Haze “Prototype I” (The Observer EP, Crème Organization, 2018)
Synkro & Arovane “Rhizome” (Refractive (Index), Apollo, 2018)

DJ Lag – Ghost on the Loose
Shackleton – Death is not Final
DJ Over 12 – Eruko
DJ JM – Rainee
Traumer – Classroom
Paleman – Like O
Sully – Vamp
Air Max 97’ - Reflex Glamorized feat Divoli S'vere
Trap door. – Chaka
Dreams – Gridbugs
Emalkay – Aerosol
Mosca – Square One (Greena Remix)
Roska/Untold – Long Range
Breach – Man Up
Cid Ikarus – Do It (Like Me) 

Prayer “I’m Still Here” (Vital, Black Acre, 2018)
Slikback “Acid” (Lasakaneku, Hakuna Kulala, 2018)
Digital “Phantom 2018” (The Revolution, Phantom Audio, 2018)
Forest Drive West ”Set Free” (Set Free, Rupture London, 2018)
Lynch Kingsley “Wild Obsession VIP” (Echosystem, RUA Sound, 2018)
Amen Andrews “London“ (Vol. 5, Replhex Records, 2003) 
Johnny L “I Want You” (XL Recordings, 1995)

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