KRANKY, the prolific + innovative label, is featured on this week’s ABSTRACT SCIENCE podcast. resident selectors CHRIS WIDMAN + LUKE STOKES mix 2 hours of their favorite KRANKY releases to celebrate the label’s 25 anniversary, ahead of their collaborative event with AMBIENT CHURCH in chicago. in the spirit of the former chicago-based label, which the Chicago Reader’s Peter Margasak dubbed “sonic explorers”, we cut the announcing from this episode so the listener can submerge themselves in the KRANKY sound. [aired 29 november 2018 on WLUW 88.7fm chicago]

Christopher  Bissonnette “Provenance” (In Between Words, Kranky, 2007) 
Tim Hecker “Chimeras” (Harmony in Ultraviolet, Kranky, 2007)
Bowery Electric “Inside Out” (Beat, Kranky, 1996)
Dedekind Cut “Tahoe” (Tahoe, Kranky, 2018)
Strategy “Running on Empty” (Future Rock, Kranky, 2007)
Nudge “Remove Ya” (Cached, Kranky, 2005)
Tim Hecker “Blood Rainbow” (Harmony in Ultraviolet, Kranky, 2007)
Cloudland Canyon “Krautwerk” (Lie in Light, Kranky, 2008)
Grouper “Birthday Song” (Grid of Points, Kranky, 2018)
Tim Hecker “Hatred of Music I” (Ravedeath, 1972, Kranky, 2011)

Labradford - Wein - Fixed::Context - Kranky 2001 
Deerhuner - Octet - cryptograms - Kranky 2007
Andrew Pekler - Rockslide - Cue - Kranky 2007
A Winged Victory for the Sullen - Atomos VI - Atomos - Kranky/Erased Tapes 2014
Windy & Carl - Ode to a dog - Dedication to Flea - Kranky 2005
James Plotkin Marky Spybey - Jute Wheel - A Peripheral Blur - Kranky 1998
Ken Camden - Spectacle - Space Mirror - Kranky 2013
Stars of the Lid - The Daughters of Quiet Minds - And the Refinement of the Decline - Kranky 2007

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