FOLLIDH guest mix + new music from SKEE MASK, MULTIPLES (SPEEDY J + SURGEON), KERRIE, SUG + more, on this ABSTRACT SCIENCE podcast hosted by CHRIS WIDMAN. Chicago-based multimedia artist FOLLIDH begins the program with a mix of electro-noir, broken techno + breakbeat. WIDMAN follows with a set of hypnotic techno + experimental bass sounds. [aired 04 April 2024 on WLUW-Chicago 88.7FM]

Special Request – Qoriqzona
Annanan – Anger and Exasperation
Kris Wadsworth – Rhumba
Mall Grab – Get Impetuous
TÉNÈBRE – Axe Nord-Sud
Big Ever – Burst Dial
follidh – Enter the Bardo (Aathee Records April 12th)
Cleveland – Trullo
MOY – Bad Gateway (Almaty Remix)
Lrds – Quanda
Amber Clap – Dream Doctor
Fact – Rose Red
Gamma Intel – No Way Out

Gamelan Gang “CO2” (Environmental Concern, 2024)
Farsight “Riptide” (Rinse, 2024)
Skee Mask “Stomp” (Ilian Tape, 2024)
Chrms “SHARP” (PILOT EP, Hypercolour, 2024)
Multiples (Speedy J & Surgeon) “Spirit” (Two Hours Or Something, Stoor, 2024)
Kerrie “Machine Alliance” (Tresor, 2024)
Zvrra “Spacer” (Street2Space, Vulcanologist, 2024)
Hudson Mohawke & Nikki Nair “More Recently” (Set The Roof, Warp, 2024)
Drumskull “Switch Up The Flow” (Scrolling Shooter, Hooversound, 2024)
Samurai Breaks & Napes “Violent Violin’s” (Wavelord Bizniz EP, Shall Not Fade, 2024)
Jlin “Sodalite (ft. Kronos Quartet)” (Akoma, Planet Mu, 2024)
Nadia Struiwigh “02nd” (Birds of Paradise, Dekmantel, 2023)
Sug “(This One’s for the Lovers) In the House” (Slug Beat, Lizard Label, 2024)
静山 (Jingshan) “Lilac” (The Magic of the New Saint, 2024)