SURGERY BOYS guest mix + new music from ZN_N9T8_, K-LONE, J1Mi (Beyonders) + more, on this ABSTRACT SCIENCE podcast, hosted by CHRIS WIDMAN. SURGERY BOYS begin the program with a mix of experimental music from their own VOLUTUS record label. SURGERY BOYS is a midi-synced musical collaboration between veteran Chicago musicians STEVE REIDELL (AIR CREDITS, THE HOOD INTERNET), JOE CARSELLO (LASERS + FAST + SHIT) + JOHNNY CALUYA (VERMA). CHRIS follows for the second hour with a set of IDM, downtempo + ambient selections. [aired 31 August 2023 on WLUW-Chicago 88.7fm]

Sam Prekop – There Is A Place (VOL3TUS)
Surgery Boys – EYE BOOSTER (6 / VOID: D)
100 Years of Solid ‘Tude – Trip Advisor (100 Years of Solid ‘Tude)
Quiet Eye – I Never Made It To Space Camp (VOL4TUS)
Locad – Mesopelagic (Bathysphere)
Rob Goerke, TJ Tambellini – Airboat (Wetlands(Escape From Tavaguemue)
Steve Reidell – Other Diamonds Still Dirt (VOL4TUS)
The Seven Fields Of Aphelion – NIghteye (VOL4TUS)
Topian Xome – From Here (New Monuments)
Oscillator Bug – Avocado (Fruit Collection)
Surgery Boys – Pure Moods (2)
Surgery Boys – Lake Boss ( 4 / VOID: B)
JC Tascam – Big Moon (2010 – 2020)
Pete Croke – Cassville, WI (Hovering Company)

Z5_N9T8_ “abyss” (Z5_N9T8_, 2023)
K-LONE “Volcane” (Swells, Wisdom Teeth, 2023)
Amon Tobin “Kitchen Sink (Clark Remix)” (Feast / Beast, Warp, 2013)
Shigeto “Sacrificial” (Full Circle Remixes, Ghostly Intl, 2011)
J1Mi (Beyonders) “Serious feat. Dean Glozier” (MMM36, 2023)
Fake Limbs “Murderbar (Quadratic Dancehall rmx)” (unreleased)
Nphonix & Matrika “Rumble Around” (R&S, 2023)
Wav Fuzz “Audition” (Sensing, Lizard Label, 2023)
Com Truise “Sunspot” (Silicon Tare, Ghostly Intl, 2016)
Modeselektor “Un Amigo Malo” (Mean Friend, Monkeytown, 2022)
Secret Frequency Crew “Photovoric Inchworms” (Forest Of The Echo Downs, Schematic, 2004)
Andrea “Chessbio” (Due In Color, Ilian Tape, 2023)
Stars of the Lid “Requiem for Dying Mothers, Part 1” (The Tired Sounds of, Kranky Records, 2001)
Floating Points, Pharoah Sanders & The London Symphony Orchestra. “Movement 7” (Promises, Luaka Bop, 2021)