CCL guest mix + SMARTBAR’s DAPHNE series showcase on this week’s ABSTRACT SCIENCE podcast, hosted by CHRIS WIDMAN. special guest CCL begins the program with diverse mix of downtempo, left-field bass + slow burners. she is a DJ + event curator/promoter based out of seattle, who is involved in a number of projects, including: TUF COLLECTIVE, RESEARCH + ACTION POTENTIAL at KREMWERK, + previously, the excellent DECIBEL FESTIVAL. CCL recently performed at SMART BAR’s annual DAPHNE series, which showcases female, non-binary + trans artists, including past ABSCI guests THE BLACK MADONNA, NONCOMPLIANT + KIDDO. for the 2nd hour, WIDMAN continues the DAPHNE spirit with an uptempo mix of favorite fem/nb/trans producers. [aired 08 march 2018 on WLUW 88.7fm chicago]

Hodge - All Is Not Lost
Air Liquide - Things Happen
dBridge - Forgot what I needed to Forget
Scorn - Falling
Joe - MPH
Elexos Park - Kern Arc
Ramzi - Fly Timoun 
Vulva - Vulvic Voyager
Rocette - Begin
Leslie Weiner - Flove
Repeat - Lilt A
Yves Tumor - The Feeling When You Walk Away

The Black Madonna “Venus Requiem” (Night Owl Diner, 2014) 
Kyoka “Hovering” (SH, Raster-Norton, 2016)
Andrea Parker “Melodius Thunk” (Kiss My Arp, Mo Wax, 1998)
Rrose & Lucy “Inner Membrane” (The Lotus Eaters II, Eaux, 2018)
Kelly Lee Owens “Oleic” (Smalltown Supersound, 2016)
Octo Octa “Not Sure What To Do (Variation Zoning 4)” (Silk To Dry The Tears, 100% Silk, 2018)
Peggy Gou “Hundres Times” (Once, Ninja Tune, 2018)	
Avalon Emerson “Natural Impasse” (Narcissus in Retrograde, Spectral Sound, 2016)
.noncompliant. “Ailed/Delia” (Airless Spaces EP, Detroit Underground, 2016)
Paula Temple “Oscillate” (50Weapons, 2015)
Cooly G “It's Serious feat. Karizma” (Hyperdub 10.1, 2014)
Jessy Lanza “You and Me” (Hyperdub 10.2, 2014)
Jana Rush “Chill Mode” (Pariah, Objects Limited, 2017)
Jlin Feat. Avril Stormy Unger “The Escape Of The Blvck Rxbbit” (Dark Lotus, 2017)

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