FEVER RAY, DJ KOZE, PEGGY GOU + UMFANG serve as a testament to the expanse of music covered on this edition of the ABSTRACT SCIENCE podcast hosted this week by MISTER JOSHUA + HENRY SELF. MISTER JOSHUA dedicates the first hour to a pan-global survey of world music and dance sounds featuring highlights from NINJA TUNE star PEGGY GOU, BURIAL and THE BUG collabo FLAME 1, DJ KOZE + new music from rising Chicago band DOS SANTOS—ones to watch! HENRY SELF shifts the second hour to sultry electro, techno and leftfield electronics highlighted with music from FEVER RAY, CHLOE + DISCWOMAN hotshot UMFANG. [aired 12 april 2018 on WLUW 88.7fm chicago]

Thunder Tillman "The Ridge to Catequil" — Night School of Universal Wisdom — ESP Institute
The Mauskovic Dance Band "Down in the Basement" — Soundway
Peggy Gou "It Makes You Forget (Itgehane)" — Once EP — Ninja Tune
Westworld "Dreamworld" (Gerd Janson edit) — Tsuba 
Smith & Mighty "Move You Run" — Big World Small World — !k7 
Flame 1 "Fog" — Pressure Sounds 
Uniting of Opposites "Vortex Number 9" — Ancient Lights — Tru Thoughts 
Flowering Inferno "Chambacu" (Chimpo remix) — 1000 Watts — Tru Thoughts
Sons of Kemet "My Queen is Mamie Phipps Clark" — Your Queen is a Reptile — Impulse
Dos Santos "Logos" — International Anthem 
RAMZi "Fly Timoun" — Peze-Piton — 12th Isle 
Shakarchi & Straneus "Jenin Grill Dreams" — Steal Chickens from Men and the Future from God — Studio Barnhus 
DJ Koze "Illumination" — Knock Knock — Pampa 

Fever Ray "Wanna Sip" (Sissel Wincent Remix) - Rabid
Creep feat. Holly Miranda "Animals" (Alpines Remix) - Creep INTL
Grimes "Be a Body" - Visions - Arbutus/4AD
Jessy Lanza "Kathy Lee" - Pull My Hair Back - Hyperdub
Ikonika "Beach Mode (Keep It Simple)" (Instrumental) - Hyperdub
Steffi "Sadness" - Panorama Bar 03 - Ostgut Ton
Chloé "The Dawn" - Endless Revisions - Lumière Noire
Bat For Lashes "What's A Girl To Do?" (Plaid Remix) - Astralwerks
Abra "No Chill" - Rose - Ninja Tune
Umfang "Path" - Symbolic Use of Light - Technicolour
Bertine Zetlitz "Getting Out" (Bjørn Torske Remix) - In My Mind 1997-2007 - Capitol 
Shanti Celeste "Felix" - Broadwalk

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