DJ SHIVA guest mix + new music from DEMDIKE STARE, PINCH + JOKER are featured on this week’s program. WIDMAN begins with a mixture of techno, avant-garage and bass music hybrids, before moving into a selection of oddball 70 bpm tunes new and old. for the second hour we have a special guest mix from veteran DJ and producer DJ SHIVA from indianapolis, indiana. since the rave era she’s mostly been known for her dedication to a diverse range of techno styles, but in the late 2000s also championed the nascent dubstep sound (playing for a number of absci nights at smart bar during the SUBFIX heydays). one of the hardest working artists in the midwest, DJ SHIVA helms her own SUBTERROR RADIO podcast and turns out an engrossing techno mix for chicago’s airwaves. it starts hypnotic and “gets bangy” by the end.

Demdike Stare "Procrastination" - Modern Love
Cassius Select "Bruv" - Plastic World
Moleskin "Chain" - Goon Club Allstars
Ian Pooley "Chord Memory (Remastered)" - Rejected
Sugeon "The Power of Doubt" - Breaking the Frame
Pinch "Obsession (The Possesion)" - Tectonic
Taylor McFerrin "Stepps" - Early Riser - Brainfeeder
Fhloston Paradigm feat Pia Ercole "It's All About" - The Phoenix -Hyperdub
FaltyDL "New Haven" - In The Wild - Ninja Tune
Untold "Stop What Your Doing" - Hemlock
Joker "Mr. Miyagi" - Kapsize
Neil Landstrumm "6 at Le Mans" - Bambaataa Eats His Breakfast - Planet Mu
The Tuss "Last Rushup 10" - Rushup Edge - Rephlex
Fennesz "Paroles" - Bécs - Editions Meego

Relative Q - Suspended [More Or Less]
Eduardo De La Calle - Skeletalism [Semantica]
L.A.W. - Isola [Black Nation]
+Plattform - Elfan [Gynoid]
Yan Cook - The Edge [Planet Rhythm]
Samuel L Session - Helium Burst [Sleaze]
Kostas Maskalides - Red District [Different Is Different]
Leon & Greenbeam - Function (Cisco Arias Remix) [Packed]
Kostas Maskalides - Black Panther (Lance Blaise Remix) [Drowne]
Bobby Dowell - Corrosion (Audio Injection Remix) [Racecar]
Adriana Lopez - Indicie [Grey Report]
Angelo Pomposo - The Real Toy [Translucent]
Arnaud Le Texier - Stomp [Affin]
Trackman - Don't Stop (Valmay Remix) [Flux]
Monobox - Film [M-Plant]
Jula - Mess [Woods 'n Bass]
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