JEFF PIETRO guest mix + new music from CHRISSY, NONCOMPLIANT, CYGNUS, INTELLIGENT SOUND + more, on this ABSTRACT SCIENCE podcast, hosted by CHRIS WIDMAN. WIDMAN makes up for omissions from the last few months with a techno-focused mix for the first hour, featuring mostly midwest (with a few UK) artists released through Chicago DJ/producer JEFF PIETRO returns with yet another guest set (see as0977 + as1037), this time delving into jungle/drum n’ bass favorites for the second hour. [aired 06 February 2020 on WLUW 88.7FM Chicago]

Cygnus “Konami Codes” (The Oasis, Biosoft, 2019) 
Olin “Spiritual Junkyard” (Boundary Monument, 2019)
Mella Dee “Techno Belter” (Techno Belters, Warehouse Music, 2019)
Chrissy “New Atlantis” (New Atlantis, 17 Steps, 2020)
JAK “Breakout - Noncompliant Remix” (Subsensory, 2020)
Hieroglyphic Being “Timbuk2” (Synth Expressionism/Rhythmic Cubism, On The Corner, 2019)
Shanti Celeste “Infinitas” (Tangerine, Peach, 2019)
Howlet ”Torren St.” (Attraction Of Crime, Intelligent Sound, 2019)
polyfuse “Does Not” (Does Not Work, Self-Release, 2019)
Proswell “Wet Gain IX” (GAIN, Schematic, 2019)
DJ Earl feat RP Boo “U Know What Time It Iz” (U Know What Time It Iz, Self-Release, 2019)
Special Request “Elysian Fields” (Zero Fucks, Self-Release, 2019)

Overlook - Lusca [Inception Audio]
4625 - Sedition [4625]
Homemade Weapons - Svalsat [Samurai Music]
Paradox - 96 Paragons [Tech Freak]
Forest Drive West - Set Free [Rupture]
Ed Rush & Nico - Sector 3 [No U-Turn]
Deeperheightz - Broken In Pieces [Rupture]
Kid Drama vs. Consequence - Versus #2 [CNVX]
Dom & Roland - Spirit Train [Moving Shadow]
Torn - Nothing [Weaponry]
Source Direct - Stonekiller [Metalheadz]
Ruffhouse - 13 [Cylon]
Photek - Minotaur [Science]
Alix Perez - The Observer [Invisible]
Overlook - All Of Them Witches [UVB-76 Music]

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