INTELLIGENT SOUND guest mix, MARCUS INTALEX tribute, + new music from AKKORD on this ABSTRACT SCIENCE podcast, hosted by CHRIS WIDMAN. WIDMAN begins the program with new experimental drum n bass/jungle + idm, followed by an exclusive label mix from PETER ANTHONY + crew at INTELLIGENT SOUND. INTELLIGENT SOUND is a label collective which represents a large stable of downtempo + experimental producers from the kansas city, missouri area. formed in 2014, the label just released it’s 3rd anniversary compilation. for the last 30 minutes, WIDMAN presents an in memoriam tribute to MARCUS INTALEX. after his untimely death at the end of may, countless mixes have appeared showcasing his prolific and pioneering drum n’ bass releases, but few have recognized his excellent four-on-the-floor work–much of it as TREVINO. also included is an absci anthem “taking over me”, which WIDMAN highlighted in a recent THUMP feature. [aired 08 june 2017 on WLUW 88.7fm chicago]

Om Unit	“Dark Vistas” (Library Music, 2017)
Akkord “RCVR” (Houndstooth, 2017)	
Alek Stark “GC 4406” (Blueshifted People, CPU, 2017)
PHOTEK “Kanei” (T’Raenon, Applied Rhythmic Technology, 1996)
Clark “Un U.K” (Death Peak, Warp, 2017)

Jpino - The History Of the Kingdom 
CLEME - Sad Kimbra 
Rick Maun - Uppercut 
Hate Shapes - Stop Existing (Rick Maun Remix) 
Centipede - Saharara 
weirdough - ringching
Stan Forebee - Lifelight 
Zelus - Remember to dance
Remst8 - Opia_v150
Cxpa - Adrift 
Jpino & Zach Latas - LIGHT+SOUND excerpt 
Rick Maun - LIGHT+SOUND excerpt 
TC- Under Glass 
Asterales - ASTR_40 
Memcave - Fantasy Peel 
Plastic - Embezzlement 
Memcave - Pink Sky (Feat White Flashes) 
Hate Shapes - Crisis Face (LION Remix) 
Ozwaldo - Spacetime 
Cleme - Fridaystyle 
Cleme - In D (Interlude) 
Deeb - Diffused 
Squibs - Margin

Marcus Intalex & ST Files “Taking Over Me” (Hosptial, 2000)
Trevino “Gone” (3 And 1, 3024, 2013)
Trevino	“Backtracking” (The Nothing Special, 2016)
Trevino	“Contact” (Casino, Aus Music, 2016)
Trevino “Chip” (3024, 2011)
Marcus Intalex “Four Three Three” (Revolve:r, 2009)

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