KARL MEIER of TALKER guest mix + BERLIN ATONAL 2015 are featured on this week’s special episode, which highlights ABSTRACT SCIENCE favorites performing at the BERLIN based festival. BERLIN ATONAL was founded in 1982 by DIMITRI HEGEMANN, who closed the festival in 1990 after the fall of the Berlin wall and preceding HEGEMANN’s founding of the legendary TRESOR techno club and label. Relaunched in 2013, BERLIN ATONAL has since featured impressive reunions, premieres + collaborations from some of ABSTRACT SCIENCE’s favorite electronic musicians. WIDMAN bookends a guest mix from veteran chicago dj KARL MEIER with selections by artists performing at the 2015 edition. MEIER, previously featured on the program, is finally getting his international due thanks to recent releases as part of TALKER, a collaboration with JONATHAN “STAVE” KROHN on REGIS’s DOWNWARDS imprint, all of whom will be performing at the 2015 BERLIN ATONAL FESTIVAL (August 19-23). [originally aired 16 july 2015 on WLUW 88.7fm chicago]

Alessandro Cortini "Gloria" -- Forse 1
Talker "Cut the Weight (Regis Extended Version)" 
     -- Cut the Weight - Downwards
Powell "Club Music (Ancient Methods 'Pogo im Säurebad' Mix)" 
     -- Club Music (Remixes) - Diagonal
Kangding Ray "Isib" -- Monad XI - Stroboscopic Artefacts

HE/AT "With Gay Abandon" (HE/AT, 2015)
MARKUS SUCKUT "Turn On" (Mosaic, 2015)
TRAVERSABLE WORMHOLE "Exiting The Milky Way - Surgeon Remix" (CLR, 2010)
TADEO "A Step To The Future" (M_Rec, 2014)
PATRIK SKOOG "No End In Sight" (Sample + Hold, 2014)
EFDEMIN "Drop Frame" (Dial, 2014)
JEFF MILLS "Silent Descent" (Something In The Sky, 2009)
DINO SABATINI & EDIT SELECT "Multiplo - Dino Sabatini Version" (Motoguzzi, 2015)
POST SCRIPTUM "Even The Nearest" (Infrastructure NY, 2015)
MAX LODERBAUER / CLAUDIO PUNTIN / SAMUEL ROHRER "Toxic Underground - Tobias. Remix" (Arjunamusic, 2015)
ZEITGEBER "Now Imagine" (Stroboscopic Artefacts, 2013)
STEVE BICKNELL "Sukr E.P. - B1" (Cosmic, 2015)
TESTE "The Wipe - 5 A.M. Synaptic Mix" (Probe, 1992)
BLAWAN "Hanging Out The Birds" (Ternesc, 2015)
BROKEN ENGLISH CLUB "Ritual Killing" (Cititrax, 2015)
FAMILY SEX "Manbait - Regis Version" (Blackest Ever Black, 2015)
SIGHA "Techno Derivatives - 02" (Avian, 2015)
CHRISTIAN WUNSCH "Proved Negligence EP - B2" (Tsunami, 2001)
J. TIJN "Pick Your Battles - V.1" (Naked Naked, 2015)
COMPASSION CREW "V.H.S.S." (Dolly, 2015)

Shackleton "Freezing Opening Thawing" -- Freezing Opening Thawing - Woe to the Septic Heart
Shed "Fluid 67" -- 50 Weapons
Whirling Hall of Knives "Vacuulum (Talker Remix)"
Lustmord "Godeater" -- Kraków - Lustmord
Mogwai "HMP Shaun William Ryder" -- Music Industry 3. Fitness Industry 1.- Rock Action Release
Faust "It's A Rainy Day Sunshine Girl" -- Deutsche Elektronische Musik Volume One - Soul Jazz
Alessandro Cortini "Sera" -- Forse 1

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