NUMERO GROUP special featuring ROB SEVIER + SHOES on this week’s podcast/radio show archive, hosted by CHRIS WIDMAN. WIDMAN begins this classic soul + funk filled program with a short mix of his favorite NUMERO cuts, followed by a 7” only dj mix from NUMERO dj + label co-founder ROB SEVIER (recorded live at METRO CHICAGO opening up for FLOATING POINTS). finally, edit master SHOES brings us an exclusive preview of the unreleased “Eccentric Beats & Breaks 2016”, the 3rd(?) cut-up collection of NUMERO samples and clips reworked into new compositions, DOUBLE D + STEINSKI style, and compiled into an exclusive mix for ABSTRACT SCIENCE.

NUMERO GROUP is a chicago-based record label which reissues forgotten and out-of-print music, in particular soul, funk, ethnic, gospel, rock, experimental + early electronic dance music. their knack for resurrecting brilliant recordings with an impressive attention to detail– including extensive liner notes and period photos–has made NUMERO the gold standard for archival labels. this summer, NUMERO opened a factory outlet in chicago + are taking the store on a west coast tour during October. [aired 8 September 2016 on WLUW 88.7fm chicago]

The Final Solution “Theme from Brotherman” (Numero Group)
Artie White “Gimmie Some Of Yours (I'll Give You Some Of Mine)” (Light: On the South Side, Numero Group)
Elijah & The Ebonites “Pure Soul” (Eccentric Soul: The Capsoul Label, Numero Group) 
Johnny K. Killens & The Dynamites “I Don't Need Help” (Eccentric Soul: The Deep City Label, Numero Group)
Sylvia Hall “Don't Touch That Thing” (Cult Cargo: Grand Bahama Goombay, Numero Group)
Annette Poindexter “Mama” (Twinight/Numero Group)
Soul Messengers “Our Lord And Savior” (Soul Messages From Dimona, Numero Group)
Shirley Ann Lee “There's A Light” (Local Customs: Downriver Revival, Numero Group)
Deep City Band “Am I A Good Man (instrumental)” (The Deep City Label, Numero)

NUMERO GROUP DJ set recorded live at Metro Chicago with Floating Points (May 2016)

Eccentric Beats & Breaks 2016 mix

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