ACTRESS guest mix + new music from DAPHNI, DETBOI, JANA RUSH + SPECIAL REQUEST on this week’s ABSTRACT SCIENCE podcast, hosted by CHRIS WIDMAN. WIDMAN begins the program with a solid hour in the mix, kicking it off with NATHAN JONSON’s highly anticipated breakbeat remix of his brother MATHEW’s underground hit “Decompression”. Continuing with DAPHNI’s latest dancefloor stomper, WIDMAN delves into more hypnotic selections, building into a BINGO BEATS crescendo, and wraps up the hour with hardcore, garage + grime influenced cuts. The second hour features a special guest mix from acclaimed UK producer/dj ACTRESS, who just released his 5th studio album AZD on NINJA TUNE in April. Since 2004, his label WERKDISCS has been an important launching pad for some of our favorite innovative artists, including LONE, ZOMBY, LIKUD + most recently MOIRÉ + HELENA HAUF. ACTRESS’s dj set of blunted techno + house was recorded live at a stacked NINJA TUNE label night at SMART BAR CHICAGO, also featuring JLIN, HIEROGLYPHIC BEING + JOHN FM (special thanks to the folks at NINJA TUNE, CO-SIGN + SMART BAR for making the recording possible). WIDMAN comes back on to close out the 2nd hour with a quick mix of footwork, jungle + bass music. [aired 20 july 2017 on WLUW 88.7fm chicago]

Mathew Jonson "Decompression (Nathan Jonson's Rewind to 96 mix)” (Freedom Engine, 2017)
Daphni “Hey Drum” (Jiaolong, 2017)
Ploy “Blow Poke” (Intrigued By The Drum, Timedance, 2017)
Ada Kaleh “Palatul De Cleștar” (R&S, 2017)
EQD “EQD#006B” (Equalized, 2017)
Altstadt Echo “Ersatz” (Reposed in Nihilism, Eyeteeth, 2017)
Fells Point “Night Games” (Clone Royal Oak, 2017)
Second Storey “Telekinesis Via Fax” (Trust, 2017)
DJ Zinc & Jack Beats “The Anvil” (Bingo Bass, 2017)
Detboi “Skin Deep” (Secrets, Metalhead, 2017)
Shed "Anther Wedged Chicken (Martyn's 131 remix)” (Ostgut Ton, 2009)	
Menta “Sounds of Dat Future” (Sounds Of Da Future, 2002)
Kowton “H-Street” (Pale Fire, 2013)	
Grooverider “Where's Jack the Ripper (Tipper remix)” (Higher Ground/Prototype Recordings, 1999)	
Helena Hauf “Silver Sand and Boxes of Mould” (Discreet Desires, Werk Discs/ Ninja Tune) 2015	

Actress - DJ recorded live at Smart Bar Chicago Ninja Tune Showcase (May 2017)

Jana Rush “Midline Shift” (Pariah, Objects Limited, 2017)
Liquid City Motors “Centrifuge” (Current Source, Glacial Industries, 2017)
Detboi “Secret Venom” (Secrets, Metalhead, 2017)
Untold “Watton Res” (Hemlock, 2017)
Amit “Thakurs Army” (Amar, 2017)
Special Request ”SR_PEAK x RiRi_____ (pushed)” (self-release, 2017)

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