ADDISON GROOVE guest mix + new music from TYONDAI BRAXTON, ANDY STOTT (remixing PANDA BEAR) + CLARK are featured on our 900th broadcast! co-host CHRIS WIDMAN begins this special episode with a set of experimental bass music (including new works from TYONDAI BRAXTON, ANDY STOTT + CLARK) + drum n bass (check the 2015 remaster of SOURCE DIRECT), building up to a guest mix from 50 WEAPONS/SWAMP 81 recording artist ADDISON GROOVE (starting at ~45 minutes into the program).

originally from bristol, uk, ADDISON GROOVE has long been an ABSCI favorite, going back to his days producing as HEADHUNTER for the foundational dubstep label TEMPA recordings. recorded live at SMART BAR CHICAGO, this excerpt from ADDISON GROOVE’s dj set is heavy on juke, footwork, drum n bass + even some classic uk ‘ardcore. following the guest mix, WIDMAN closes out with a short set of house + techno (including new FORT ROMEO, PLANETARY ASSAULT SYSTEMS + unreleased NUBIAN MINDZ).

thanks to everyone who has listened + contributed to ABSTRACT SCIENCE over the past 900 weeks. every program + every song is special to us. while a lot has changed in electronic music + dj culture over the past 18 years, the flow of new + exciting sounds never seems to abate. as long as we have the privilege of our space on the airwaves, we will continue to share the music we love. [originally aired 02 april 2015 on WLUW 88.7fm chicago]

Tyondai Braxton "Scout1" - Nonesuch
Shackleton "El Din (Part One)" - Mordant Music
J:Kenzo feat. Juiceman "Urban Gorilla" - Tempa
Panda Bear "Boys Latin (Andy Stott Remix)" - Domino
Clark "Silver Sun" - Flame Rave - Warp
Steve Reich "Drumming (Mantronik Maximum Drum Formula)" - Reich Remixed - Nonesuch
Quadratic "Slow Down" - Wrong Lane EP - Droidsong	
Source Direct "Stonekiller (Hokusai Remix)" - Metalheadz
Ruffhouse "UVB-76" - Samurai
Amit "The Hunted" - 4 Stories EP - Amar

Addison Groove - DJ mix live @ Smart Bar Chicago January 2015 (radio edit)

Herva "How To Mind Your Own" - HTMYO - All City
Fort Romeau "Not a Word"- Insides - Ghostly
Planetary Assault Systems "Strange Attractor" - The Eyes Themselves - Mote Evolver
Nubian Mindz "Distortion" - dub	
Pearson Sound "Rubber Tree" - Pearson Sound - Hessle Audio

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