New music from SARD, ESTELLA BOERSMA, OVERMONO, A CERTAIN RATIO, ALAN DIXON + more, on this ABSTRACT SCIENCE podcast, hosted by BILL BEARDEN aka WHOA-B + HENRY SELF. BILL begins the program with a mix of driving techno, followed by a few dubstep + electro cuts. HENRY follows with a set of disco-slow burners, bookended by high-energy bass + house music. [aired 13 April 2023 on WLUW-Chicago 88.7FM]

Om Unit “Prophecy” (Not On Label, 2023)
Sard “Errorstorm” (Not On Label, 2023)
Matisa “Eyeliner” (Mall Grab Remix, Steel City Dance Discs, 2022)
DJ Godfather “Warehouse Muzik” (Databass, 2023)
Gaetano Parisio “Thetis” (Conform Records, 2022)
Estella Boersma “Dispatch” (Unknown To The Unknown, 2023)
JK Flesh “Same Old Rules” (Avalanche Recordings, 2022)
Nørbak “Res Extensa” (Hayes, 2023)
AK Sports “Kurupt” (Shall Not Fade, 2022)
Lindsey Herbert “Aurora” (Oktave Records, 2023)
Judy “Dantza IV” (Newrhythmic Records, 2023)
Hyas “Elsewhere” (99cts Rcrds, 2022)
Pugilist “Micro Dose” (Of Paradise, 2023)
Geode “Nightshade” (Chord Marauders, 2023)
Skee Mask “Studio 626” (Ilian Tape, 2023)
Nikki Nair & Sam Binga “Wall Panda” (Pineapple Records, 2023)
TMSV “Demons” (Perfect Records, 2023)

Liv.e “Ghost” (Girl In the Half Pearl, In Real Life, 2023)
Overmono “Calling Out” (Good Lies, XL, 2023)
Odesza “Hopeful” (Foreign Family Collective, 2023)
James Holden “Trust Your Feet” (Imagine This Is a High Dimensional Space of All Possibilities, Border Community, 2023)
A Certain Ratio “Tombo in M3” (1982, Mute, 2023)
Noir & Haze “Around” (Solomun Vox) (Noir, 2011)
The Blessed Madonna “Stay” (The Nite Owl Diner, 2014)
Full Moon Fashions “Happy Shades” (Full Moon Fashions, Elektrolux, 1995)
Bullant “Jupiter James” (PHC Films, 2023)
Everything But the Girl “Nothing Left to Lose” (Four Tet Remix) (Buzzin’ Fly/Verve, 2023)
Alan Dixon “Nowhere to Run” (Love Attack, 2023)