New music from HIGHRISE, METRODOME + SL8R, NABIHAH IQBAL, MANDY INDIANA + more, on this ABSTRACT SCIENCE podcast, hosted by BILL BEARDEN aka WHOA-B + HENRY SELF. BILL begins with a mix of UK garage, 2 step + breakbeat for the first hour. HENRY follows with a set of uptempo melodic techno + rave, bookended by electronic pop. [aired 25 May 2023 on WLUW-Chicago 88.7FM]

Soul Mass Transit System “95 Selection” (Time Is Now, 2023)
Gemi “In Luv” (Not On Label, 2023)
Kobe JT “Secrets” (Not On Label, 2023)
Highrise “Next Level” (Flattrax, 2023)
Sam Binga, Bakey & Redders “Dem Boiz Dub” (Pineapple Records, 2023)
SPMC “Big Request” (Declassified, 2023)
ZeroFG “Mind Who You Talkin’ To” (TXTBK Music, 2022)
Main Phase “Shining” (Instinct, 2023)
Holloway “Acne VIP” (Not On Label, 2022)
Metrodome & Sl8r “Crime In The City” (Weasel Dust Records, 2023)
Henzo “A Fascinating Skeleton” (Not On Label, 2023)
Piezo “Sensory Overdraw” (Ansia, 2023)
Stones Taro “Brainstorm” (Scuffed Recordings, 2023)
Sister Zo “The Fool” (All Centre, 2023)
Martyn & Om Unit “Illroy” (3024, 2023)

Nabihah Iqbal “This World Couldn’t See Us” (Dreamer, Ninja Tune, 2023)
Nia Archives “So Tell Me…” (Special Request Remix) (Island, 2023)
OLAN & QRTR “All U Need” (Foreign Family Collective, 2023)
salute feat. Sammy Virji “Peach” (Shield EP, Technicolour, 2023)
Disaffected “Feel the Funktion” (Adieu EP, Hardcore Energy, 2023)
BackSpin Boyz “HD 2000 XP” (Backspin Back, Isoghi, 2001)
Avalon Emerson “A Dam Will Always Divide” (& the Charm, Another Dove, 2023)
Mandy, Indiana “Peach Fuzz” (I’ve Seen A Way, Fire Talk, 2023)
Rex the Dog “Change This Pain for Ecstasy” (Kompakt, 2023)
Fever Ray “Shiver” (Radical Romantics, Rabid, 2023)
Coach House Rhythm Section “No Such Thing” (Instrumental) (ICE, 1980)