New music from BASIC RHYTHM, DOM + ROLAND, KIM GORDON, SHADOW CHILD + more on this ABSTRACT SCIENCE podcast, hosted by BILL BEARDEN aka WHOA-B + HENRY SELF. BILL begins the program with a mix of jungle + drum n’ bass. For hour 2, HENRY follows with a varied set, effortlessly flowing from bass music into avant-pop, electro, techno + downtempo. [aired 29 February 2024 on WLUW-Chicago 88.7FM]

dgoHn & Badun “VHS Copy 1979” (Love Love, 2023)
Kessler “F**k Off With Your Horoscopes” (Elicit Records, 2023)
Seba & Paradox “Amara” (Seba & Paradox, 2023)
Holloway “Trinco” (All Centre, 2024)
Basic Rhythm “The Glass Mountain” (Musique Nocturne, 2024)
Monty & Visages “Grains” (1985 Music, 2023)
Chimpo ft Total Science & SL8R “Shoot To Kill” (CIA Records, 2023)
Quartz “Black Decay” (Hotline Recordsings, 2023)
Dom & Roland “Waiting For You” (Individual Recordings, 2023)
Tom Jarmey “Piraka” (Wing Theory, 2023)
Ginkø & BSN Posse “Nobody” (Defrostatica, 2023)
Sully “Extant” (Uncertain Hour, 2023)
DJ Girl “Get Down” (Planet Mu, 2023)

Ticklish “Miscommunications” (Miscom EP, Loose Squares, 2013)
The Glitch Mob “Move You” (All the People, 2023)
Kim Gordon “BYE BYE” (The Collective, Matador, 2024)
John Glacier feat. Eartheater “Money Shows” (Like a Ribbon, Young, 2024)
Nathan Fake feat. Clark “Outsider” (Crystal Vision, Cambria Instruments, 2023)
Cybotron “Maintain” (Tresor, 2023)
Fever Ray “Shiver” (Ivory (IT) Remix) (Rabid, 2023)
Shadow Child “Rising High” (Toolroom, 2024)
Chants “Piano Dance” (Chaotic Dance, Maximum Airtime, 2024)
CASSIMM “Love Desire” (Golden, 2023)
Skream “In for the Kill” (Endor Remix) (, 2018)
Brittany Howard “Samson” (What Now, Island, 2024)
Innersphere “Out of Body (Reprise)” (Outer Works, Sabrettes, 1994)