SECRET STATE, SPACE DIMENSION CONTROLLER + BOB MOSES are featured new music selections on this week’s ABSTRACT SCIENCE podcast, hosted by CHRIS WIDMAN + HENRY SELF. WIDMAN begins the program with spacey broken + breakbeat electrofunk, featuring new old + new new cuts from SABRES OF PARADISE + LUKE VIBERT, followed by slow-mo house + disco. HENRY turns the energy back up to start the second hour with dancefloor house + techno, and finishes the final 20 minutes with chillout, psych pop + experimental sounds. [aired 14 june 2018 on WLUW 88.7fm-Chicago]

Masa “Walk In Space” (Qube, UCYU ep, 1999)
The Sabres Of Paradise “Lick Wid Nit Wit” (Elastic Dreams, 2018)
Secret State “Weep For Joy” (Zero Zero One, Central Processing Unit, 2018)
Luke Vibert "Juice" (Turn EP, People of Rhythm Records, 2018) 
Lanark Artefax “Touch Absence (Intimidating Stillness Mix)” (Blue 01, Whities, 2018)
Kamila Govorcin	“Underwaterlove” (El Mundo, Panal Records, 2017)
Hatchback + Body-San “Creamwave Dreamcave (Body-San Remix)” (New Shoots, Lo Recordings, 2018)
Space Dimension Controller “Everything Is Better Now” (Gaining Time, Dekmantel, 2018)
Nightmares On Wax “Gotta Smile” (Shape The Future, Ninja Tune, 2018)
Amp Fiddler “I’m Feeling You” (Amp Dog Knights, Mahogani Music, 2017)
Shigeto	“Miss U” (No Better Time Than Now, Ghostly Intl, 2013)

1991 "Open to the Dark" - 1991 - Astro:Dynamics
Naduve/Katzele "Nein" (The Claydermans Oh Nein Remix) - The Paolo Rossi EP - Rothmans
Tensnake "Fantasma" - True Romance
Luca C & Brigante feat. Róisín Murphy "Flash of Light" - Southern Fried
Pale Blue "Comes Home" (Pional Remix) - ME ME ME
Atmosphere Factory "Apsaras" (Live) - Zero Gravity - Interchill
James Ruskin "Cast Down" - Stellate 4 - Stroboscopic Artefacts
Maribou State feat. Khraungbin "Feel Good" - Kingdoms In Colour - Counter
Bob Moses "Heaven Only Knows" - Domino
Chasing Voices "Acidbathory" - Preserved Instincts

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