new music from ZONAL (THE BUG + JUSTIN K BROADRICK), WALTON, SKEE MASK, HOLLOWAY + ARGOT MUSIC on this extended ABSTRACT SCIENCE podcast, with BILL BEARDEN aka WHOA-B + CHRIS WIDMAN in the mix. BILL begins the program with an hour set of UK garage + 2 step related selections. WIDMAN follows with an eclectic 2 hour mix, that moves from spacey IDM, dubstep, breakbeat + electro to techno, drum n bass, downtempo + drone. [originally aired 17 October + 11 November 2019 on WLUW 88.7FM Chicago]

Walton "Rolla" [Ilian Tape] 2019
Holloway "Last Encounter" [Warehouse Rave] 2019
SP:MC "Vintage" [Sentry Records] 2019
Highrise "Untitled" [Not On Label] 2019
MJ Cole "Serotonin" [892 Recordings] 2019
Martyn "World Gate" [Ostgut Ton] 2018
Kode9 "Dislokated" [Rephlex] 2004
Captain Over "Tibs and Miranda" [No Hats No Hoods] 2019
Phaeleh "Chasing Saturn" [Undertow Music] 2018
Geode "Never Forget" [Chord Marauders] 2017
Kahn "Helter Skelter" [Punch Drunk] 2011
Sorrow "Want U Back" [Inspected Records] 2017
Ghostek "Hoax" [Not On Label] 2018
16 Bit "ADSL" [Brownswood Electr-c] 2009
L U C Y ft Bran Mazz "Summer Fiends" [Not On Label] 2018
P Jam "Nando's Riddim" [Mean Streets] 2019
Untold "Dante" [Hotflush Recordings] 2019

PAN-AL “Trace & Locate” (Pan-Al, Apollo, 2019)
Boreal Massif “Low Forties” (We All Have An Impact, Pessimist Productions, 2019)
Zonal “Wrecked” (Wrecked, Relapse, 2019)
Aardvarck “Monkey see…” (Deep Medi Musik, 2019)
Throwing Snow “Ideolog” (The Death of Pragmatism, Houndstooth, 2019)
Silicon Sally “Skoda Banger” (Cultivated Electronics, 2019)
96 Back “Knock Out” (Issue in Surreal, Central Processing Unit, 2019)
Overmono “Le Tigre” (Polykicks, 2019)
Skee Mask “Slow Music” (Iss004, Ilian Tape, 2019)
Thugwidow “Hard Rave Aesthetic” (Hard Rave Aesthetic, Western Lore, 2019)
Floating Points “LesAlpx” (Crush, Ninjatune, 2019) 
Carl Finlow “Octodecillion” (Elastic Collisions, Orson, 2019)
Kerrie “Before Calm” (Before Calm EP, Don’t Be Afraid, 2019)
Planetary Assault Systems “Whip It Good” (Plantae, Ostgut Ton, 2019)
FIX feat. Orlando Voorn, Blake Baxter “From The Ghetto” (Diligence Pt.2, Above Board Projects, 2019) 
Garrett David & Colin Johnson “Icy Traverse” (American Dance Music Vol. 2, Argot Music, 2019)
Plaid “Maru (Skee Mask Remix)” (Warp, 2019)
Artilect “Impact Proxy” (Rhythm Seeker, Samurai Music, 2019)
Sin, Gremlinz & Jesta “Door of Guf” (3024-FYE4, 2019)
Future Engineers “Closed Circuit” (Partisan, 1998)
Battles feat Shabazz Palaces “IZM” (Juice B Crypts, Warp, 2019)
Teebs feat. Panda Bear “Studie” (Anicca, Brainfeeder, 2019) 
Telefon Tel Aviv “mouth agape,” (Dreams Are Not Enough, Ghostly Intl, 2019)
SunnO))) “AMPLIPHÆDIES (E)“ (Pyroclasts, Southern Lord, 2019)

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