Detroit + Chicago artists are showcased ahead of Movement Festival + the Millennium Park Chicago House Party for this episode of Abstract Science, hosted by CHRIS WIDMAN. For the first hour, WIDMAN compiles a mix of exclusively Detroit and Chicago house and techno artists going all the way back to CARL CRAIG’s PSYCHE alias from 1992. The second hour features ABSTRACT SCIENCE djs recored live in the mix at Smart Bar Chicago, opening for GEORGE FITZGERALD. Note: this podcast episode is composed of two segments from the 5/18 & 5/25 radio broadcasts. [aired 18 may 2017 + 25 may 2017 on WLUW 88.7fm chicago]

The Friend “edit" (How To Kill Detroit, 2014)
Theo Parrish “Dark Patterns” (Sound Signature/Peace Frog, 2001)
Ron Trent “Message to the World” (Raw Footage Pt 1, Electric Blue, 2012)
Claude Vonstroke “Who’s Afraid of Detroit (Soultek Mix)” (echospace[detroit], 2007) 
Jeff Mills “Robot Replica” (Metropolis, 2000)
Robert Hood “Eleven” (M-Plant, 2014)
Psyche “Crackdown Re-Mix" (Transmat, 1992)
Drexciya "Black Sea (Aqualung Version)" (Clone Aqualung Series, 2015)
Unltd/Israel Vines “Divide” (Borrowed Language, 2011)
Chaos “Afrogermanic” (Interstellar Fugitives, Underground Resistance, 1998)
Jlin "Carbon 7" (Black Oragami, Planet Mu, 2017)
DJ Rashad feat. Spinn & Taso "Only One" (Double Cup, Hyperdub, 2013) 
RP Boo "Bang'n On King Dr." (Fingers, Bank Pads & Shoe Prints, Planet Mu, 2015)

Chris Widman + Mr Joshua B2B as Abstract Science Djs live at Smart Bar Chicago (with George Fitzgerald May 2017)

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