VALENTIN STIP (interview), UNTOLD, TEEBS + PINCH are featured new music for this week’s exploration. MR JOSHUA fills his hour with introspective + intricate sounds, surrounding an exclusive interview with VALENTIN STIP from NICOLAS JAAR’s OTHER PEOPLE label. WIDMAN brings up the tempo, starting with SHACKLETON’s latest orchestral epic, mixing into gritty selections from dubstep-gone-techno ex-pats, before darting off for more traditional house and techno sounds (including chicago artists BOO WILLIAMS + JEFF PIETRO). [aired 06 march 2014]

HTRK "Blue Sunshine" - Ghostly International
The Range "Tricky Pose" - Panasonic EP - Donky Pitch
Lee Bannon "Resorectah" - Alternate/Endings - Ninja Tune 
Yasiin Gaye "T Plays a Cool Loop" - The Departure: Side 1 
Thug Entrancer "Death After Life VI" -Death After Life - Software 
Shigeto "Ritual Howl" - No Better Time Then Now - Ghostly International 
— Valentin Stip interview —
Valentin Stip "Aletheia" - Sigh -Other People
Valentin Stip "Regards sur L'Enfance (I et II)" -Sigh - Other People
Snow Ghosts "Secret Garden" - A Small Murmuration - Houndstooth
Gamertag "Find Your Pulse" - You Don't Know Me - All City 
Teebs "Wavxxes" - E S T A R - Brainfeeder
Different Sleep "Cold" - Conflict EP - Friends of Friends
VVV "Exhalation"- Separate Planes EP - Hush Hush 
Distal "Light Speed" - Bloodstock - Nomad

Shackleton "Freezing Opening Thawing" - Woe to the Septic Heart                        
Untold "Hobthrush" - Black Ligth Spiral - Hemlock
Pinch + Mumdance "Whiplash" - Tectonic                 
Kangding Ray "Pruitt Igoe (rise)" - Raster Norton            
Boo Williams "Moving Rivers" - Rush Hour                         
Osborne "Wait A Minute (Arto Mwambe remix)" - Hovercrafting ep - Spectral
Ricardo Motta / Shotz "Psycho (Agent Orange remix)" - Leap4rog                             
Robag Wruhme "Mensur"  - Wuzzelbud "KK" - Musik Krause
Floorplan "Confess"- Paradise - M-Plant
Jeff Pietro + Israel Vines "depth" - borrowed language
Terminal Sound System "Theme for Broken Home" - Constructing Towers - Extreme

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