SCUBA, CALIBRE, DERU, ILLUM SPHERE remixed by LONE, + THE NOTWIST are featured new music selections for this week’s exploration. JOSHUA embarks with space disco, punctuated with live instrumentation, before descending into underwater techno and wrapping up with the latest from two dnb masters. LUKE’s eclectic selection goes from four-on-floor to glitched-out beats and closes with an epic sequence of psychedelic rock past and present, including the latest from germany’s THE NOTWIST, TANGERINE DREAM ost re-issue + a PINK FLOYD classic that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Suzanne Kraft "4:46" — Missum — Running Back
Prins Thomas "Kavaler" — III — Full Pupp
Todd Terje "Preben Goes to Acapulco" — It's Album Time — Olsen
Mark Barrott "Formentera Headspace Blues (Pts 1 & 2)" 
     — Sketches from An Island 2 — International Feel
Dauwd "Lydia" — Kindlinn EP — Kompakt
Sandrino & Frankey "Save" — Innervisions
DJ Tennis "Love Child" (feat. Luke Jenner) — Local EP — Life and Death
Scuba "Curious Paradox" — Phenix 1 EP — Hotflush
Maya Jane Coles "Something in the Air" (Bonobo remix) 
     — Don't Put Me In Your Box (remixes) — Hypercolour
HNNY "No" — Puss
Naum Gabo "Dino" — Moon Rocks 1 — Throne of Blood
Calibre "The Wash" — Shelflife 3 — Signature
dBridge & Skeptical "Move Way" — R&S

Douglas Greed "Further" - Driven - Bpitch Control 
Junior Homrich "The Burning of the Dead" - The Emerald Forest Soundtrack - Varese Sarabande
Chrome Sparks "Enter the Chrome Forest" - Goddess EP - Future Classics
Tycho "L" - Awake - Ghostly International
Silver Swans "House of Blood" - Forever - Twenty Seven Records
Max Richter "Iconography" - The Blue Notebooks - Fat Cat 
Deru "The Future Nevercomes" - 1979 - friends of friends
Fennez "Vacuum" - The Black Sea - Touch
Illum Sphere "Embryonic (Lone Remix)" - Spectre Vex - Ninja Tune
The Notwist "Signals" - Close to the Glass - Sub Pop
Tangerine Dream "Burning Bar" - Thief Soundtrack - Perserverance Records
Tangerine Dream "Richocet Part 1" - Richocet - Virgin
Pink Floyd  "Echoes" - Meddle - Capitol

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