anja schneider

absci radio 1207 – whoa-b + henry self

New music from POLY CHAIN, YOROBI, HAAi, ANJA SCHNEIDER + more, on this ABSTRACT SCIENCE podcast with BILL BEARDEN aka WHOA-B + HENRY SELF in the mix. We continue our annual March focus on women (including trans + non-gender conforming) artists in electronic music. BILL begins with house, techno, breakbeat + electro, before moving into…

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absci radio 1159 – daphne series – joshua p ferguson + henry self

ANJA SCHNEIDER, ANZ, JULIET FOX + SOFIA KOURTESIS top the list of producers being showcased on this DAPHNE edition of ABSTRACT SCIENCE with hosts JOSHUA P. FERGUSON + HENRY SELF. Keeping our annual tradition alive—despite the pandemic pressure keeping us out of Chicago’s SMART BAR, where DAPHNE was founded—we’re dedicating the month of March to…

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