absci radio 1267 – joshua p ferguson + henry self

CLARK, WATA IGARASHI, ANTHONY NAPLES + AUDION top the new music highlights for this episode of the ABSTRACT SCIENCE podcast, hosted by JOSHUA P. FERGUSON + HENRY SELF. JOSHUA navigates the first hour balancing the push and pull of organic, jazz, library + post-rock influences in a few choice recent releases. HENRY SELF brings the…

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absci radio show [as0952]

XENO & OAKLANDER, AUDION, JEAN-MICHEL JARRE + PLAID lead the highlights for our latest installment of the podcast. MISTER JOSHUA covers the first half of the show, drawing a murky through line from the deep house and techno sounds of artists like DJ SOTOFETT, AUDION + ROBAG WRUHME‘s remix of STIMMING to the low-slung glitch and…

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