Com Truise

absci radio 1202 – chris widman + henry self

New music from BLASTAH, SIRR TMO, LANE 8, COM TRUISE + more, on this ABSTRACT SCIENCE podcast, with CHRIS WIDMAN + HENRY SELF in the mix. CHRIS begins with dub-influenced slow burners, moving into uk garage, breakbeat + electro, finishing with drum n bass, footwork + ‘ardcore jungle techno. HENRY follows a synth-driven arc, from…

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absci radio [as1092] – joshua p. ferguson

BURIAL, MOODYMANN, FLOATING POINTS + DJ TENNIS top the highlights of this episode of the ABSTRACT SCIENCE podcast, a two-hour takeover with host JOSHUA P. FERGUSON. Easing into things, the first set explores ambient and synth territory, highlighting new music from UK enigma BURIAL, vaporwave highlights 2814 + Ghostly International synth cosmonaut COM TRUISE. Upping…

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absci radio show [as0944]

MODERAT, THE RANGE, SBTRKT + COM TRUISE top the highlights of this latest episode. MISTER JOSHUA mans the board for the first hour, selecting moody tunes that move from folk + indie-electronic to bass heavy, trip hop + post-dubstep. LUKE STOKES covers selections for the second, maintaining the overall vibe of the show with eclectic…

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