2010–2019: DECADE IN FUTURE MUSIC part 1, featuring BATU, THE BUG, DJRUM, LONE, JLIN, SHIGETO, SKEE MASK, SLICKBACK, SPECIAL REQUEST + THROWING SNOW + many more on this special retrospective ABSTRACT SCIENCE podcast, hosted + mixed by CHRIS WIDMAN. over the next few weeks, the ABSCI resident djs begin their 23rd year of broadcasting with a series looking back at our favorite selections from the past 10 years of innovative electronic music. [aired 16 January 2020 on WLUW 88.7fm Chicago]


Lone “Airglow Fires” (Reality Testing, R&S, 2014)
Letherette “Feel It” (EP 4, Wulf, 2017)
Trevino “Backtracking” (The Nothing Special, 2016)
DrumTalk “Time” (Huntleys & Palmers, 2014)
Kerrier District “Techno Disco (KiNK remix)” (4 (Remixes), Hypercolour, 2016)
Arkist “Summer Shimmer featuring Lee Risdale” (Apple Pips, 2013)
Pev & Kowton “Raw Code” (Hessle Audio, 2013)
Throwing Snow “V” (Loma, Houndstooth, 2018)
Skee Mask “Flyby Vfr” (Compro, Ilian Tape, 2018)
DJRum “Broken Glass Arch” (R&S, 2017)
Shackleton “Katyusha“ (Music For The Quiet Hour/The Drawbar Organ, Woe To The Septic Heart!, 2012)
Barker “Hedonic Treadmill” (Utility, Ostgut Ton, 2019)
Demdike Stare “Patchwork” (Testpressing#007, 2015)
Batu “Bleeper Feed” (Dnuos Ytivil, 2016)
JoeFarr “Rolling and Thatching” (RPM, Bloc 2016)
Pilo & Sinden “Night Visions” (Boysnoize, 2014)
Special Request “Redrum” (Stairfoot Lane Bunker, Houndstooth, 2017)
Untold “Stereo Freeze” (R&S, 2010)
Detboi “Groovedigger” (Ice Cold, Metalheadz, 2018)
Ipman “Regicide” (Tectonic, 2015)
The Bug feat. Manga “Function” (Exit, Ninja Tune, 2014)
V.I.V.E.K. ”Big Bang” (Eyes Down EP, Deep Medi, 2011)
Hudson Mohawke “Thank You” (Satin Panthers, Warp, 2011)
Taylor Mcferrin “Stepps” (Early Riser, Brainfeeder, 2014)
Monokle “Arrows” (Saints, Ki, 2012)
X-Altera “Impossible” (X-Altera, Ghostly Intl., 2018)
Slikback “RAGE (Hyph11E Remix)” (Slip B, Hakuna Kulala, 2019)
Africa Hitech “Out In The Streets” (93 Million Miles, Warp, 2011)
RP Boo “Bang'n On King Dr.” (Fingers, Bank Pads & Shoe Prints, Planet Mu, 2015)
Jlin feat.  Avril Stormy Unge “The Escape Of The Blvck Rxbbit” (Dark Lotus, Planet Mu, 2017)
Shigeto “Ann Arbor Part 3 & 4” (Lineage, Ghostly Intl., 2012)

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