new music from DJ PYTHON, ANDREA, CARIBOU, T.RAUMSCHMIERE + FLUXION on this ABSTRACT SCIENCE podcasts, with JOSHUA P FERGUSON + LUKE STOKES. JOSHUA begins with spaced-out slow-burners, then moves uptempo to house/techno while keeping up the cosmic vibes. For the second hour, LUKE continues with synth driven techno sounds + closes out the program with orchestral electronics + ambient dub. [aired 23 July 2020 on WLUW-Chicago 88.7FM]

Liston “Nayani” (Until Dawn EP, Chris Coco Music, 2015)
D.K. “The Three Realms” (The Goddess is Dancing, Good Morning Tapes, 2019)
DJ Python “ADMSDP” (Mas Amable, Incienso, 2020)
Chayell “Beach” (It’s Never Too Hot EP, Isle of Jura, 2016)
Khotin “Dwellberry” (Beautiful You, Ghostly International, 2019)
Andrea “Lana” (Ritorno, Ilian Tapes, 2020)
Akasha System “Muted” (Vague Response, 100% Silk, 2016)
K-LONE “Yelli” (Cape Cira, Wisdom Teeth, 2020)
Auscultation “Turn Down These Voices” (III, 100% Silk, 2020)
Laurence Guy “The Sun is Warm and Directly Above You” (Shall Not Fade, 2020)
Axel Boman “Eyes of My Mind” (Studio Barnhus, 2020)
Caribou “Sister” (Floating Points remix)(Domino, 2020)
Greg Foat “Anticipation” (Symphonie Pacifique, Strut, 2020)

Cantor “Recurrent” (Alexander Robotnick Remix) (Convergence , Underground Pacific Records, 2020)
Leifur James “Ritual” (Angel in Disguise, Night Time Stories, 2020)
Cavego “Alfred (og vennene hans)” (Dovregubben EP, Eskimo Recordings, 2020)
Robotaki “Obelisk” (The Grand Mirage, Foreign Family Collective, 2020)
Love-Songs “Proxy 1” (Nicht Nicht, Bureau B, 2020)
Daniel McCagh “Twisting and Turning” (Altered States, n5MD, 2020)
[.que] “Thaw” (And Inside, Sound in Silence, 2020)
Inigo Vontier “I like It When It Rains” (SIENA, Calypso Records, 2020)
Ned Lagin “Seastones 57” (Seastones: Set 4 and Set 5, Important Records, 2020 Reissue) (Originally released 1975)
T.Raumschmiere “Georgia” (Schaukelstuhl, Shitkatapult, 2020)
Audiokern “Fog” (Fog, Klangkeller Records, 2020)
Fluxion “Distance” (Prospectives, Vibrant Music, 2020)
Daniel Avery “Darlinnn” (Love + Light, Mute, 2020)