New music from MATTHEW DEAR, PRINS THOMAS, EPROM & G JONES, DJ HANK, THE RANGE, BETH ORTON + more on this extended ABSTRACT SCIENCE podcast, hosted by JOSHUA P FERGUSON, BILL BEARDEN aka WHOA-B + HENRY SELF. JOSHUA begins with a mix of downtempo, space disco, indie dance, house + techno. BILL follows with various shades of footwork + jungle for the second hour. HENRY closes the program with an ecelectic set of industrial, synthwave, psych rock + electronic pop. Note: this podcast/archive is a combination of radio programs as1219 & as1220. [aired 6 + 30 June 2022 on WLUW-CHICAGO 88.7FM]

Tosca “Osam” (Osam, G-Stone, 2022)
The Smile “The Smoke” (A Light for Attracting Attention, XL, 2022)
Matthew Dear “Talking Sleep” (Ghostly International, 2022)
Ron Trent presents WARM “Sphere” (What Do the Stars Say To You, Night Time Stories, 2022)
Prins Thomas “Cala Llonga” (8, Prins Thomas Musikk, 2022)
Dolly Parton “Jolene” (Visti edit) (Mindless Boogie, 2007)
Weval “Minute by Minute” (Time Goes, Technicolour, 2022)
Arcade Fire “Age of Anxiety II (Rabbit Hole)” (WE, Columbia, 2022)
Queen Samantha “Take a Chance” (Dompteur Mooner edit) (Elaste Vol. 3, Compost, 2010)
Roman Flugel & Frank Weideman “Karmadonut” (15 Years of Drumpoet, Drumpoet Community, 2022)
Axel Boman “Stone Age Jazz” (Quest for Fire, Studio Barnhus, 2022)
Belief “Ulu” (FaltyDL remix) (Versions, Lex, 2022)

DJ Hank “Kiosko” (Hyperdub, 2022)
K-Lone “Ye” (Sweet N Tasty, 2022)
Sempra “Lacey” (Not On Label, 2022)
Sun People “Spirits” (Defrostatica, 2020)
Sinistarr “Detroit” (Hooversound, 2020)
Main Phase “Choral” (Lost City Archives, 2021)
Philo & Moogie Fox “Dousseure” (Nice & Deadly, 2022)
Drumskull “Phase Velocity” (Seagrave, 2021)
Coco Bryce “Change Of Heart” (Critical Music, 2022)
Holloway “Hynotiq” (Time Is Now, 2022)
Indigo “Underground” (Choki Biki, 2021)
Eprom & G Jones “Final Lap” (Illusory Records, 2022)
Samurai Breaks “Oranjeboomed” (TRAX HAVEN, 2022)
LMajor “Can’t Do It” (Astrophonica, 2021)
Stones Taro “Rare” (Cheeky Music Group, 2021)

Just Mustard “Still” (Heart Under, Partisan, 2022)
PVA “Untethered” (Ninja Tune, 2022)
Automatic “New Beginning” (Excess, Stones Throw, 2022)
The Smile “The Smoke” (Dennis Bovell RMX) (XL, 2022)
Pete Kuzma feat. Bilal “High & Dry” (Exit Music: Songs With Radio Heads, Rapster, 2006)
Cosmonection “Morning Dew” (Hidden Places, Pont Neuf, 2022)
The Range “Balm” (Mercury, Domino, 2022)
Zola Jesus “Lost” (Arkhon, Sacred Bones, 2022)
Beth Orton “Weather Alive” (Weather Alive, Partisan, 2022)
HEALTH “Still Breathing” (DISCO4:: Part II, Loma Vista/Concord, 2022)
José González “El Invento” (Sofia Kourtesis Remix) (City Slang, 2022)
Nikitch & Kuna Maze “Sauce Brazil” (Back & Forth, Tru Thoughts, 2022)
Disco & Co “Cold Coke” (1979 Original) (Tubetracks, 2008)