A MADE UP SOUND, JOEFARR, THE BUG vs EARTH, + LUSINE are featured new music selections from CHRIS WIDMAN + HENRY SELF, on this week’s techno-centric ABSCI podcast. WIDMAN begins the program with new music: introspective grooves that build to a distorted techno + grime peak, then descend into ambient dub, drone + idm. HENRY continues the abstract interlude into the second hour, but before long cranks up the energy back up with killer set 90s rave classics + 00s dancefloor fillers, including RICHIE HAWTIN (PLASTKMAN), ORLANDO VOORN (FIX), + SYCLOPS (MAURICE FULTON). [aired 30 march 2017 on WLUW 88.7fm chicago]

Bruce “Sweat” (Hemlok, 2017)
Reagenz “460 Melrose Ave” (Away Music, 2017)
A Made Up Sound “Bygones” (A Made Up Sound, 2017)
Museum “Raider” (Marcel Dettmann Recordings, 2017)
Pessimist “Inner Circle” (Pagans, Osiris Music UK, 2017)
Joe Farr “All The Way (live)” (self-release, 2017)
Tarquin “C-Mine” (Jump Pack, Rinse, 2017)
Aurora Halal “Death of Real” (Shapeshifter, Mutual Dreaming Recordings, 2017)
Conrad Schnitzler & Pole “Wiegenlied für Katzen” (Con-Struct, Bureau B, 2017)
Bug vs Earth “City Of Fallen Angels” (Concrete Desert, Ninja Tune, 2017)
Max Cooper “Order From Chaos“ (Emergence, Mesh, 2016)

Lusine "Tropopause" - Sensorimotor - Ghostly International
C17 H19 NO3 "Heart of the Snake" - Abstract Science Pres. Audio Anonymous - Deezal
TCTS "Icy Feet" - Make Something
Junior Jack "Thrill Me" Trust It - Nettwerk America
X-Press 2 "Rock 2 House" (Plastikman's Acid House Remix) - Junior Boy's Own
Joey Beltram "Energy Flash" (Graffiti On Mars Remix) - Glow
Fix - "Flash" - KMS
Syclops - "Where's Jason's K" - I've Got My Eye On You - DFA
Second-Hand Satellites "Orbit 1.3" - Multiple Mirrors EP - Hallucination
Plastikman "PP001" (Live on John Peel Show 1994) - OneLive Classic Dance Music - Muzik

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