JK FLESH aka JUSTIN K BROADRICK (remixed by THE BUG), CUYO, LIQUID CITY MOTORS, FANU + ASC, are featured new music selections on this ABSTRACT SCIENCE podcast, mixed by CHRIS WIDMAN. For the first hour, WIDMAN moves between techno, electro + breakbeat selections, while gradually increasing the tempo. The second hour begins with a half-time drop into dubwise bass music, follows with jungle, drum n’ bass + diaspora club, + closes with a few soundtrack jazz favorites. Note: no playlist announcements for this show. [aired 30 May 2019 on WLUW-88.7fm Chicago]

ASC “Magnetic Discharge” (Chaos Theory, Arts Transparent, 2019)
Yak “Wide Eye” (Termina, R&S, 2019)
Timothy Clerkin “Unborn” (Ransom Notes, 2019)
Dan Curtin “Pat to Win” (District Omega, Blumoog, 2019)
DJ Haus “See U in My Dreams (Lone RMX) (Unknown To The Unknown, 2019)
Human Resources “Desilu (U Edit)” (Yam Records, 2019)
Truncate “Good Morning” (Wave 2, Truncate, 2019)
Wild Planet “Synthetic” (Transmitter, 430 West, 1999)
Liquid City Motors “Intrinsix” (Sinc Inc., 2019)
Solid Blake “Warp Room” (Seilscheibenpfeiler Schallplatten, 2018)
Eric Cloutier “Eleutheromania” (Apeirophobia,Palinoia, 2019)
Flora FM “Chrome Grass” (Chaos Light, Kalahari Oyster Cult, 2019)
Overmono “Iii’s Front” (Whities, 2018)
JK Flesh “In Your Pit (The Bug rmx)” (In Your Pit E.P., Pressure, 2019)
Amon Tobin “Big Furry Head” (Foley Room, Ninja Tune, 2007)
Acid Jeep “Sample and Hold” (Auxillia, Defunkt, 2018) 
Hoover1 “A” (Nowt, 2019)
Scar “Sleep Talk” (Hide in Plain Sight, Metalheadz, 2019)
Fanu + Infader “Overcaffeinated Drumwankery” (One Thing and Another EP, Fanu 2019) 
Breakage “Liff Up” (Index, 2019) 
Refreshers “Pork Pie” (Refreshers, 2019)
Cuyo “Amazon Handout DJ NJ Drone Remix” (Ether Clear, Good Enuff, 2019)
Slikback “Sonshitsu” (Tomo, Hakuna Kulala, 2019) 
Goth Trad “Bloody Dice” (Knights of the Black Table, Pressure, 2019) 
Amon Tobin “Displaced” (Chaos Theory OST, Ninja Tune, 2005)
Herbie Handcock “Party People/Fill Your Hand” (Death Wish OST, Columbia, 1974)
Augustus Pablo “Keep on Dubbing” (King Tubbys Meets Rockers Uptown, Clocktower, 1976)

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