SHACKLETON, THROWING SNOW, HEAVEE + THE FIELD are featured new music selections on this week’s ABSTRACT SCIENCE podcast, hosted by CHRIS WIDMAN + HENRY SELF. WIDMAN begins the program with a posthumous MIKA VAINIO (PAN SONIC) collaboration, followed by breaks, bass + percussion variations for the remainder of the first hour. for the second hour, HENRY intersperses new releases amongst techno + trance classics. [aired 27 September 2018 on WLUW-88.7FM Chicago]

Mika Vainio & Vigroux “Brume” (Ignisab
X-Altera “Check Out The Bass” (X-Altera, Ghostly Intl. 2018)
The Maghreban “Eddies (Batu Remix)” (Monster VIP. R&S Records, 2018)
Shackleton “Wakefulness and Obsession” (Furnace of Guts, Woe to the Septic Heart, 2018)
DJRum “Showreel, Pt. 3” (Portrait with Firewood, R&S, 2018)
Throwing Snow “Vulpine” (Vulpine, Houndstooth, 2018)
ASC “Plotholes” (Colours Fade, Vol. 4, Auxiliary, 2018)
Gremlinz “Frankie Gunns” (Paradox, 2018)
DJ Innes “Northern Lights “ (Volume 2, TEKK DJZ, 2018)
Aphex Twin “MT1 t29r2” (Collapse EP, Warp Records, 2018)
Heavee feat. Sirr Tmo “What U Waiting For” (WFM, Teklife, 2018)

A Positive Life "The Calling" - Synaesthetic - Waveform
Belouis Some "Animal Magic" (Dance Vocal) - Capitol
Aphrohead "In the Dark We Live" (Dave Clarke's 312 Mix) - Bush
Pional "Tempest" - Permanent Vacation
Electrotête "I Love You" (Bug-Eyed Bears From Venus Mix) - Logic Trance 2 - Logic
Andrew Weatherall "Ghosts Again" - Convenanza - Rotters Golf Club
Swayzak feat. Clair Dietrich "Make Up Your Mind" - Dirty Dancing - !K7
DBX "Losing Control" - Peacefrog
The Field "Hear Your Voice" - Infinite Moment - Kompakt
Li Kwan "Point Zero" - Deconstruction

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