MARTYN, CARL FINLOW, ALLESANDRO CORTINI + MIGUEL ATWOOD-FERGUSON are featured on the latest ABSTRACT SCIENCE podcast, hosted by CHRIS WIDMAN + HENRY SELF. On a cold, dark, January evening in 1997, two childhood friends put needle to record in the KCOU-Columbia studios. 22 years later, they are back on WLUW-Chicago for another year of future music. WIDMAN begins with a mix of breakbeat + electro, much of it released at the end of last year, during our BEST OF 2018 programs + holiday break. HENRY follows with a psych-focused, genre-spanning mix, traversing post-rock, jazz & acid house. [aired 17 january 2019 on WLUW 88.7fm chicago]

Throwing Snow “Subtitles” (Loma, Houndstooth, 2018)
Skee Mask “Muk FM” (Compro, Illian Tapes, 2018)
Carl Finlow “Boolean” (Boolean EP, Cragie Knowes, 2018)
Laurel Halo / Hodge “Opal” (Livity Sound, 2018)
Marco Shuttle “The Moon Chant” (The Bunker, 2018)
Martyn “Everything Is New” (3024-FYE1, 2018)
LMajor “Engineer” (Dig the New Breed, Pt. 2, WNCL Recordings, 2018)
Silent Servant “Damage” (Shadows of Death and Desire, Hospital Productions, 2018)
Jensen Interceptor & Assembler Code “Kinematics” (CPU, 2018)
Pär Grindvik “Trails” (Sthlm LTD, 2018)
Search & Destroy “Wavescape (Vex'd Remix)” (Sounds of SUB:STANCE, 2018)
Allesandro Cortini & Lawrence English “Immediate Horizon 3" (Immediate Horizon, Important Records, 2018) 

The Shamen "Possible Worlds (Imaginary Mix)" - One Little Indian
Cabaret Nocturne "Blood Walk" - Beachcoma
Mikael Seifu "Dropleton" - Yarada Lij EP - 1432 R
Nicolas Jaar feat. Scout Larue - "With Just One Glance" - Clown & Sunset
Talk Talk "Desire" - Spirit of Eden - EMI
BadBadNotGood "CMYK" - BBNG2 - Innovative Leisure
Miguel Atwood-Ferguson "Kazaru" - Brainfeeder X - Brainfeeder
Tortoise - "Wait" - A Lazarus Taxon - Thrill Jockey
Lesiman "Moto Centripeto" - Here and Now Vol. 1 - Vedette"
Psychic TV ‎"Money For E..." (Remix By Dave Ball) - Beyond Thee Infinite
Beat (Ravemaster Mixes) - Wax Trax!
Chrissy "Digi-Suffer (Truth Bomb Pt. 2)" - Super Rhythm Trax
The Shamen "Possible Worlds" (Deep Psi) - One Little Indian