SHALT, DJ LAG, ROBOT KOCH + LINDSTRØM/PRINS THOMAS are featured new music on the latest ABSTRACT SCIENCE podcast, hosted by CHRIS WIDMAN + HENRY SELF. WIDMAN begins with fractured techno-bass slow-burners, gradually building the tempo + energy into a few club bangers, and ending with a jazz-house freakout remix by DAN SNAITH (aka CARIBOU), back when he went by MANITOBA. HENRY takes over for the second hour, sandwiching an inverse of WIDMAN’s arc between new + old reggae hits, with over the top dancefloor tunes followed by slower, soulful, funkier material. [aired 11 October 2018 on WLUW 88.7fm Chicago]

Shalt “Preserved in Amber “ (Seraphim, The Astral Plane, 2018)
Stave & Grebenstein “Stirn” (Live from Frankfurter Straße, Standards & Practices, 2108)
Lurka “Heat Mover” (Timedance, 2018)
Herbert	“Pump” (Reissues Part Four, Accidental Jnr 1996)
L.B. Dub Corp “Hard Wax” (Roar, Stroboscopic Artefacts, 2018
Toma Kami “Land of the Insane” (Livity Sound, 2018)
Afriqua	Vermiform (R&S Records, 2018)
Martyn “Nya” (Voids, Ostgut Ton, 2018) 
Tension “Error 404” (Untitled EP, 2015)
Ghost Culture “Axon” (Phantasy Sound, 2018)
DJ Lag “Switz” (Stampit EP, Goon Club Allstars, 2018) 
Mr. Scruff “Sweetsmoke (Manitoba Remix)” (Ninjatune, 2003)

Hollie Cook "Sweet Like Chocolate" - Merge
Chris Liebing "Out Of This World" - Burn Slow - Mute
Taksi "Rohrbruch" - Rundfahrt - Taksi
Robot Koch "Black Hole" - Sphere - Trees & Cyborgs
Robot Koch "Movement III" - Sphere - Trees & Cyborgs
Uji "Maloka" - Alborada - ZZK
Mudd & Pollard "Villa Stavros" N7 Odyssey - Claremont 56
Amp Fiddler "It's Alright" (Wajeed Conant Gardens Mix) - Amp Dog Knights - Mahogani
Rüfüs Du Sol "No Place" (Lindstrøm & Prins Thomas Remix) - Reprise
King Britt pres. Sylk 130 "The Reason" (Lowdown Wikit Mix) - Ovum
Arcadion "Ghostfeeder" - More Petrol - D.C.
Hollie Cook "Dub Like Chocolate" - Merge
Dillinger "Bionic Dread" - Bionic Dread - Island

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