HODGE, PESSIMIST, JUJU & JORDASH + a tip of the hat to musical heroes PIERRE HENRY + HOLGAR CZUKAY (of CAN) are featured on the latest ABSTRACT SCIENCE podcast, packed with new music + hosted by CHRIS WIDMAN. WIDMAN begins with a rare 1975 cut from CAN in memoriam of the band’s bassist + founding member HOLGAR CZUKAY who died September 2017. a mix of mostly new uk techno, house + broken beat follows into a bridge set of deconstructed grime. with the tempo up to 140bpm, WIDMAN returns to melodic dancefloor cuts which meld elements of techno, dubstep + electro. closing it out, another CAN selection and an absolute ABSCI favorite–and probably the best thing WILLIAM ORBIT has ever done–a remix of PIERRE HENRY + MICHEL COLOMBIER’s “Pysche Rock”, which FUTURAMA fans might recognize as the source for the show’s theme song. a pioneer of musique concrète, HENRY died in July 2017. [aired 14 september 2017 on WLUW 88.7fm chicago]

Can “Midnight Men” (The Lost Tapes, Spoon, 2012)
Nosaj Thing “Get Like” (Parallels, Innovative Leisure, 2017)	
Pessimist “Peter Hitchens” (Pessimist	
Hodge “Swing for the Fences” (Swing for the Fences	
Trevino “Plugged” (Collective Endeavours 01.2, Hotflush Recordings, 2017)
Oeil Cube “Disk One” (Versatile Records, 2017)	
Second Storey “Offbeat World” (Lucid Locations, Houndstooth Recordings, 2017)
Nubian Mindz “Check the Vibe” (2000 Black, 2001) 		
Zomby “ZKITTLEZ” (Big Dada, 2017)		
Visionist “No Idols” No Idols	
Untold “Tear Up the Club” (Hemlock, 2017)
Om Unit “Fire Exit” (Library Music, 2017)	
Dark Sky “Field Tower “ (Othona, Monkeytown Records, 2017)
Juju & Jordash “Neon Swing” (Dekmantel 10 Years, Dekmanetl, 2017)	
Bicep “Kites” (Bicep, Ninja Tune, 2017)	
Mitú “Siempre” (Cosmus, ZZK Records, 2017)	
F “On the Corner” (Energy Distortion, 7even, 2010)
Scuba “Volt” (Abucs, 2009)
Etch “What Lies Beyond" (Chemotaxis, 2017)	
Ben Frost “Threshold of Faith” (Threshold of Faith, Mute, 2017)					
Pierre Henry & Michel Colombier “Psyche Rock (Willam Orbit remix)” (Métamorphose—Messe Pour Le Temps Présent, 1997)
Can “Halleluwah” (Tango Mango, United Artists, 1971)

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