DMX KREW, BATU, OM UNIT, CHRISSY, + ASH KOOSHA are featured music selections on this week’s episode. CHRIS WIDMAN, who hosts + selects music for both hours of the program, leads with a set of disco + boogie inspired cuts, eventually working his way though house, techno, grime, drum n’ bass + electro-acoustic music, with a short tribute to PHIFE DAWG + AALIYAH in the middle. [aired 24 march 2016 on WLUW 88.7fm chicago]

Bohannon "Andrea" (Phase II, Mercury, 1977)
The Black Madonna "Stay" (The Night Owl Diner, 2014)
Metro Area "Soft Hoop" (Environ, 2002)
Chrissy "Presidential Astrologer" (Growl, Freerange, 2016)
Tortoise + Derrick Carter "D's Winter Take" (City Slang/Thrill Jockey, 1998)
M.O.S feat. Aroy Dee "000X0" (Rush Hour, 2001)
DMX Krew "Dark Rider" (You Exist, Hypercolour, 2016)
Batu "April These" (Livity Sound, 2016)    
Maddslinky "Hammerhead - Cliques remix" (Hammerhead, Aquatic Lab, 2016)
Low Steppa "My Black T Shirt" (Sleepless Nights, Food Music, 2016)
Joedan "Tuff" (Formula Records, 2016)
Denham Audio "Undulate" (Fractal, Heretic, 2016)
Spekktrum "Need Your Love" (Electronic Music, Saucy Records, 2016)
Ash Koosha "Mudafossil" (I AKA I, Ninja Tune, 2016)
Phife Dawg "Beats, Rhymes & Phife" (Ventilation, Groove Attack, 2000)        
Aaliyah "Rock the Boat - Shigeto Remix" (self-release, 2012)    
Beacon "Running Out" (Escapements, Ghostly Int, 2016)
Etch "Triptych" (Technicolor Daydream, Lapsus Records, 2016)
Om Unit "Adventures in Eden" (Torchlight, Vol. 2, Cosmic Bridge, 2016)
Digital "Together" (Toll Free, 31 Records, 2016)
Tunnidge "Golden Bough" (Mobius Strip, Shining Tyger, 2016)
Basic Rhythm "Get Dark" (Raw Trax, Type Recordings, 2016)
T_A_M "Watty" (Coyote Records, 2016)
Bloom "Vessel" (Hydraulics, Crazylegs, 2014)
Machinefabreik "Halfslaap II Live - Side A" (Bastakiya Tapes, 2015)

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