STARFOXXX, DARK SKY + THE BUG are featured new music selections for this week’s program. MR JOSHUA starts the first hour downtempo, tunes dotted with the sounds live instrumentation (a theme continued throughout his set), picking up the beat with playful bass-heavy house sounds–ARCHIE PELAGO + new SBTRKT, finally building up to big room sounds from DARK SKY + LAURENT GARNIER. HENRY takes the second hour briefly towards the contemplative, before heading back to the dancefloor with new tunes taking cues from HACIENDA/MADCHESTER classics. once over the peak, into the valley with THE BUG + RUSTIE, then climbing back out with a few late night tracks and back up to the emotive peaks.

Grandbrothers "Ezra Was Right" -- EZRA EP -- Film
Lone "Jaded" -- Reality Testing -- R&S
Shoes "Pain Goes Deep" -- Slow Soul Flow -- Shoes
Quiet Village "Too High To Move" -- Silent Movie -- !k7
Stafoxxx "Bad Reception" -- Baby I'm Off Drugs & I'm Ready To Marry You -- Donky Pitch
VALIS "Humidity" -- The Demolished Man -- DKA
Airhead "Believe" -- Believe EP -- 1-800-DINOSAUR
Aebeloe "Cans" -- Tilo -- Origami Sound
Lord of the Isles "Gigha" -- Phonica
Archie Pelago "Brown Oxford" -- Mister Saturday Night
SBTRKT "New Dorp. New York" -- Wonder Where We Land -- Young Turks
Dark Sky "IYP" -- Brothers and Sisters -- Mister Saturday Night
Garnier "ENCHANTe" -- Hypercolour
Pional "It's All Over" (John Talabot's Stormbreak refix) -- Hivern Discs
Roman Flugel "WIlkie" -- Happiness is Happening -- Dial

Recondite - "Riant" - Hinterland - Ghostly International
Daniel Avery - "Knowing We'll Be Here" (KiNK Remix) - Phantasy Sound
Margot - "Waldorf" (Erol Alkan's Extended Rework) - Les Disques De La Mort
Young Gentlemen's Adventure Society - "Adventure Party" - International Feel
Jerome LOL feat. Angelina Lucero - "Fool" - Friends of Friends
Ten Walls - "Walking With Elephants" - BOSO
The Bug feat. Liz Harris - "Void" - Angels and Devils - Ninja Tune
Rustie - "Triadzz" - Numbers.
The Blow - "Hey Boy" (Nico's Bluewave Edit) - W+L Black
Shy Girls - "When I Say I Love U" (Saux Remix) - Hit City USA
Caribou - "Can't Do Without You" - Our Love - Merge
Gregor Tresher - "A Thousand Nights" - A Thousand Nights - Great Stuff
Jacqui Brookes - "Lost Mix (Muzak Superior)" - Lost Without Your Love - MCA

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