dark sky

radio show [as0874]

FLYING LOTUS, SECOND STOREY, THE JUAN MACCLEAN, + DARK SKY are featured new music selections on this week’s exploration. WIDMAN begins with the new FLYING LOTUS + more slow n’ low beats before getting grimey with THE BUG + a round of instrumentals in the same vein. AL TOURETTES new SECOND STOREY alias on HOUNDSTOOTH…

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starfoxxx – radio show [as0867]

STARFOXXX guest mix + new music from CARIBOU, SHACKLETON + DARK SKY are featured on this week’s program. MR JOSHUA starts with a string of absolutely stellar new instrumental 4-on-the-floor releases, before descending into breakbeat and vocal slow jams, that end the first hour somewhere on the fringes of dubstep country. Just check the tracklisting,…

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radio show [as0863]

STARFOXXX, DARK SKY + THE BUG are featured new music selections for this week’s program. MR JOSHUA starts the first hour downtempo, tunes dotted with the sounds live instrumentation (a theme continued throughout his set), picking up the beat with playful bass-heavy house sounds–ARCHIE PELAGO + new SBTRKT, finally building up to big room sounds…

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