SEPALCURE (MACHINEDRUM + BRAILLE) live set + new cuts from SHIGETO, YPPAH, LUKE VIBERT + ULRICH SCHNAUSS are featured on this week’s episode of ABSTRACT SCIENCE. host CHRIS WIDMAN begins with a short set of new releases, including: ULRICH SCHNAUSS’ lush remix of NAIBU “just like you”, the latest from SHIGETO‘s “intermission” EP, the new YPPAH album + LUKE VIBERT on PLANET MU. following this, we have an special live set from HOTFLUSH recording duo SEPALCURE, recorded live at BOTTOM LOUNGE chicago in 2012. a collaboration between absci favorite MACHINEDRUM + BRAILLE (FRIENDS OF FRIENDS), SEPALCURE released a critically acclaimed album + series of EPs for HOTFLUSH circa 2010-2013 which deftly married elements of 2-step garage, techno and house with crackling atmospherics. after a short break, the duo are back for 2015 with a new EP + us/european tour (they are at SMART BAR chicago 12/4). WIDMAN bookends the live set with a DJ mix of techno + breaks (also recorded at SMART BAR). [aired 5 november 2015 on WLUW 88.7fm chicago]

Naibu “Just Like You (Ulrich_Schnauss_Ethereal_77_Remix” - Horizons
Yppah “Neighborhoods” - Tiny Pause - Counter
Shigeto - “Do My Thing” - Intermission - Ghostly
Robot Koch “Serenade” - hyper moment - Monkeytown
Gwilym Gold “Triumph (Kowton RMX)” - Brille
Luke Vibert “War” - Bizarster - Planet MU

Sepalcure - Live at Bottom Lounge 2012

Zomby “SURF II”- Let's Jam!! - XL
Phon.o "Tw33tz” - 50 Weapons
Ipman “Ghostrunner” - Tectonic
Ipman “Regicide” - Tectonic
2 Bad Mice “Bombscare (E94 US Mix)”-Kaotic Chemistry-Sour
Pilo & Sinden ”Night Visions” - Night Visions
Blastto “Ready to Go” - Reactivate
Soundbwoy Killah “The Bounce” - Body Jack

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